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  • Like The Nightmare Before Christmas, writing songs for Corpse Bride was a real treat. Tim's visuals make the perfect complement for the kind of stuff I love doing most. These wonderfully fun, dark, offbeat tales are the perfect platform for me to write odd, slightly twisted, obscure styles such as my favorite musical era... 1930s jazz. I only hope we get to do more in the future.
  • I get drawn to things that don`t make any sense, and I learned early on not to resist that.
  • My education in film music came from watching tons of films.
  • For me, writing something in the spirit of Halloween is like Mother Teresa writing on charity and sacrifice. It's just second nature to me.
  • Then on the other hand I don't make it easy for those types to meet me, I'm sure. I live pretty privately, let's say. So I've not yet met a film score groupie. If they're out there, then we're keeping ourselves all well hidden from each other.