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  • "Prejean, who got cosmetic surgery before the pageant, just spoke of 'how women can make a difference in the world.' Absolutely revolting."
  • "Everybody involved in this story - from Prejean to Terrell to pageant officials to Trump, - everybody involved makes me want to vomit."
  • "Do you subscribe to the Weekly Standard? Does that magazine hate America?"
  • "GOP has become a party of nihilists."
  • "Michael Steele is nuts."
  • "Sarah palin's latest makes her either a despicable liar or horribly uninformed."
  • "Extremely surprised and impressed by the 'naked cowboy's' mayoral run. That guy knows the issues... despite his outfit or lack thereof."
  • "If Palin lawyer thomas van flein thinks palin has been "defamed" he is delusional. Birds of a feather...."
  • "That palin would now be a 'leader/role model' for any group of repubs shows how far gop has fallen."
  • "My view on Palin? I agree with top GOPers: "the worst political move ever," "erratic," "nuttier than Sanford," and "she is toast."
  • "As for UFO's ... I do believe there is a dimension that we don't understand. Not sure about little green martians, though."

These are NOT unsourced, they are direct quotes from his twitter feed.