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  • I shared a caravan with Peter Davison once. But I thought I'd better not tell him that I'd been a big fan, cos we're sharing a caravan – he might get a bit scared.
    • Unidentified "Arena", unspecified 2006 date
  • I think it's like all these relationships, like Mulder and Scully and Moonlighting, you know. Moonlighting jumped the shark when they got together, didn't it? I think you have to be very careful. Which doesn't mean to say that we don't see the relationship developing and becoming something that it maybe hasn't before. But I think you have to be very careful with those things.
  • The story between the Doctor and Rose is basically a love story without the shagging.
  • They weren't shagging in the TARDIS, because that would be weird.
    • About the Doctor and Rose's relationship
    • Doctor Who press launch, unspecified 2006 date