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I deleted the following addition to this article:

Infamous quotes[edit]

Interviewed by evening tabloid Expressen (2008-07-25 [1]), Fredrik Reinfeldt was asked if he could not understand the fierce and wide critisism of a far reaching surveillance law, passed only seven days earlier.

Reporter: But can't you understand the critisism?

Fredrik Reinfeldt: The decision has already been made.

Reporter: Yes, but that is exactly what they are criticising

Fredrik Reinfeldt: Yes, sure they can do that, but the decision has already been made.


Har du ingen förståelse för kritiken?

- Beslutet är ju fattat.

Men det är ju det som de kritiserar.

- Jo, det kan man göra, men beslutet är fattat, säger Fredrik Reinfeldt

The quote, together with his wishes that the debate over the law would quiet down in the same article, somewhat spurred the exact opposite. Over 800[2] blogposting cited the above mentioned qoute and inspired at least one cartoon [3]. The comment was one of Fredrik Reinfeldt's last on the subject as of this writing (2008-09-02). He largely let the Minister of Defence, Sten Tolgfors, backed by the director-general of the FRA (Defence Radio Establishment) handle public relations connected to criticism against the law.

There are a number of reasons for deleting the above:

1) "Infamous quotes" is editorializing. Can't readers be trusted to think for themselves?

2) The quotation is Reinfeldt's response to criticism of a law. His response is unnotable in itself, of interest or relevance only to those who know the history of the law, the debates about its significance and consequences, etc. Wikiquote is merely an archive of quotations: it does not and could not attempt to tell the histories behind them, as would Wikipedia or Wikinews.

3) The quote is followed by a mention of the consequences to Reinfeldt's remarks. This, too, is not something which is part of a collection of quotations. - InvisibleSun 00:05, 3 September 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]