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This quotations page is just a mess, in my opinion. None of the quotes are particularly representative or enlightening or noteworthy, all are far too long and suffer from bizarre bolding of every other sentence. Then again, I just stumbled through the page creator's user page, so I see where that all came from. --- Idontcareanymore 11:56, 13 November 2011 (UTC)

Astounding and amusing comments from someone whose sole traceable contribution to this project seems to be this bit of trolling. In my experience the trolls and rule mongers who don't care much about what anyone who actually WORKS at things might find worthy to work at, beyond the apparently highly satisfying acts of going about simply complaining about how others' actual work isn't highly satisfactory to some petty pretentious standards they might wish to impose, have never clearly cared all that much about anything beyond trolling and indulging their own petty pretentious standards, often with a great disregard to the rights of others to have standards and aims other than those their petty little minds can clearly understand. So it goes… — and to quote Henry in addition to Kurt:
We are all part of some cosmic pattern, and this pattern works toward good and not evil. It builds and does not destroy. So I shall go on in my search for a race where I can find kinship and happiness.
But of course that is one of those quotes that you apparently don't find "particularly representative or enlightening or noteworthy" and so I won't burden your dark little mind with further glaring notice of any enlightenment it might not be capable of appreciating. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 13:44, 13 November 2011 (UTC) + tweaks