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Model Patient episode[edit]

Stan: Hey this is hard on all of us... you think it's hard for me to juggle two clients while being married to a model

Taylor: You and Anne split up?

Millie: When did you and Anne split up?

Taylor: She seein`anybody?

Taylor: How`d hurt your hand again?

Stan: Uhh... It`s a little embarassing.

Taylor: Oh, I got ya.

Stan: (Nervously) Got me.. Got me.. what do you got exactly about me?

Taylor: Not to worry, just been there. Done that. And yeah, it can be a little embarrassing. So Anna is into that?

Stan: It was a pencil sharpener.. electric pencil sharpener accident.. not whatever smutty thing--

Taylor: (Interrrupting) You did that with a pencil sharpener? Wow... That would be embarassing..

Joyce: I wanted to talk to you about your this latest draft. I`m just not sure ``The Grumpaloos Catch Crabs`` is the best title for a kids book.

Millie: Why not. they go out for crabs.. They caught them.. Where did I lose ya