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"Does nobody understand?"[edit]

From my understanding, Joyce didn't actually say this. Nor is the quote cited. Quinnova (talk) 07:54, 8 May 2018 (UTC)


Removed quote that was not by Joyce - actually by Oscar Wilde.

"Let+Ireland+die+for+me." add this


This was recently removed through an anon IP, and I agree with the removal from the article, but think them notable enough to place here, despite being rather low in quotability. IF anyone does desire to restore any of them to the article they should probably be given some context and quoted in the section for Finnegans Wake. ~ Kalki·· 19:52, 10 September 2014 (UTC)
  • The fall (bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk!) (FW003.15-17)
  • And the duppy shot the shutter clup (Perkodhuskurunbarggruauyagokgorlayorgromgremmitghundhurthrumathunaradidillifaititillibumullunukkunun!) (FW023.5-7)
  • Glass crash. The (klikkaklakkaklaskaklopatzklatschabattacreppycrottygraddaghsemmihsammihnouithappluddyappladdypkonpkot!). (FW044.19-21)
  • Treely and rurally. Bladyughfoulmoecklenburgwhurawhorascortastrumpapornanennykocksapastippatappatupperstrippuckputtanach, eh? (FW090.31-33)
  • Thingcrooklyexineverypasturesixdixlikencehimaroundhersthemaggerbykinkinkankanwithdownmindlookingated. (FW113.9-11)
  • Wold Forrester Farley who, in deesperation of deispiration at the diasporation of his diesparation, was found of the round of the sound of the lound of the.Lukkedoerendunandurraskewdylooshoofermoyportertooryzooysphalnabortansporthaokansakroidverjkapakkapuk. Byfall. Upploud! (FW257.24-30)
  • Bothallchoractorschumminaroundgansumuminarumdrumstrumtruminahumptadumpwaultopoofoolooderamaunsturnup! (FW314.8-9)
  • For hanigen with hunigen still haunt ahunt to finnd their hinnigen where Pappappapparrassannuaragheallachnatullaghmonganmacmacmacwhackfalltherdebblenonthedubblandaddydoodled and anruly person creeked a jest. (FW332.4-7)
  • Let us here consider the casus, my dear little cousis (husstenhasstencaffincoffintussemtossemdamandamnacosaghcusaghhobixhatouxpeswchbechoscashlcarcarcaract) of the Ondt and the Gracehoper. (FW414.18-21)
  • which he picksticked into his lettruce invrention. Ullhodturdenweirmudgaardgringnirurdrmolnirfenrirlukkilokkibaugimandodrrerinsurtkrinmgernrackinarockar! Thor's for you! Thor's for yo! The hundredlettered name again, last word of perfect language. (FW424.19-24)