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I've done a massive amount of cleanup to this article, which was apparently copied over from w:Jerry Brown without any attempt to fix links or Wikiquote-ify the material, but it still needs a lot of work. (Inept transfers are why we have a formal Transwiki process, so that one project's editors don't get excessive work dumped directly into their articlespace by other projects' editors.) Many of the quotes cite the "We the People Radio Network" as sources, but that organization's website doesn't seem to include any of the archives cited. The few quotes I did find sources for are probably not wiki-reliable, so they need replacement sources. Everything else has incomplete or vague "sources" cited. Once all these major problems are fixed, it could use some more copyediting, too. ~ Jeff Q (talk) 18:16, 12 June 2007 (UTC)


After reading this article it seems fairly obvious that it's negatively biased. There is not a single quote in the "Quotes About" section which is positive. I don't really have any good knowledge of how to flag articles, but this page needs to be marked for what I think is called here NPOV. -Thomas


  • Clinton is not going to get the nomination. […] You can put that in your tape recorders and ask me about it in a couple months.
  • The power of the individual to be free of government influence should include preventing intrusions in our bedrooms, our blood-stream, our hair and our urine.
  • A high-class casino would bring in a lot of money a billion and a half goes to South Lake Tahoe from the Bay Area and we could capture a significant amount of that money, and much of it could go to Oakland.
  • A little vagueness goes a long way in this business.
  • Vitriol can irritate, but it is often the price of freewheeling discussion and the discovery of important stuff.
    • from his blog
  • Protect the Earth, serve the people, and explore the universe
    • Campaign slogan in the 1980 U.S. presidential primary campaign
  • There is a refreshing note to all of this.
    • Reflecting on the recall election that ousted Governor Gray Davis
  • [Schwarzenegger] ran against special interests, said he'll do right by the people and has shown unprecedented goodwill with bi-partisan appointments to his transition team.
  • Reelection upon reelection of the same incumbents occurs at the expense of new ideas, new energy, and honest representation.