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It's really not a good practice to bold only certain parts of a quote. I understand that the point is to emphasize a certain section of a longer quote, but if that's necessary, you should really consider just using the shorter quote. When you bold something, you are usurping the writer's perogative to emphasize what he or she wants to have emphasized, and you thereby alter the quote. This is the equivalent to imposing a point of view, which (as I understand it) is a WikiProject no-no. (It's true that simply by selecting the quote you've exhibited a point of view, but that's really as far as it should go.) When people in argumentation add emphasis to an existing quote, they're usually careful to note this in some way -- such as writing "emphasis added" at the end -- because it alerts the reader to the fact that the quoters POV is being asserted. In this clean-up I've endeavored to remove all bolding. Ed Fitzgerald 08:46, 18 April 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]