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"its not drink that makes me sick but the rantings of my honourable opponent"...whats the name of the opponent?


  • We must protect the rights of minorities, and the rich are always fewer in number than the poor.
    • Sir John A. Macdonald said this in the privacy of the Quebec Conference of 1864 when they were constructing the Senate.
  • The scheme as a whole has met with almost universal approval.
    • Talking to the legistlature about confederation.
  • I would be quite willing, personally, to leave that whole country a wilderness for the next half-century but I fear if Englishmen do not go there, Yankees will.
    • Letter to Sir Edward W. Watkin-1865.
  • I say that there is a deliberate conspiracy, by force, by fraud, or by both, to force Canada into the American Union.
    • Speech, Academy of Music, Toronto-1891.
  • Anyone can support me when they think I'm right. What I want is someone that will support me when I am wrong.
  • Yes, In my Canada the rich will always be a minority
    • Asked if he believe in minority rights.
  • Ain't I the old devil though?
    • After being read aloud a long list of political mistakes.
  • "As I myself will love all since I'm british, Goodbye love"