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Content brought directly from Wikipedia[edit]

Going to blank these quotes that were brought directly from Wikipedia as a copyright vio until it can be fixed with proper attribution. [1]

Likely can be fixed by someone with knowledge of the subject. FloNight 14:28, 6 August 2007 (UTC)


  • Movies are open doors, and at every door, I change character and life... I live for the present always. I accept this risk. I don't deny the past, but it's a page to turn.
  • When I returned to France after winning the Oscar, I was treated like royalty, or like a football hero!
  • Giving birth is like a vase of beautiful flowers. Only you're just the vase, and only for a very short moment. The flowers are beautiful, but they belong to themselves, not to the vase.
  • I knew I had become a star when I shook hands with Simone Signoret at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival. She died four months later.
  • Acting is like peeling an onion. You have to peel away each layer to reveal another.
  • I want to make films that are political and social. Films with a message or an idea. Films that dare to ask.
  • If a star is someone who gives light, then I can be a star. But if a star is someone who goes after money and magazine covers then it's sick and I don't want it!
  • French women bloom at 40! I can't wait!
  • My earliest memory is loneliness. That's a hard thing to live with.
  • I have been proposed to four times. Twice at the beginning of a relationship and twice at the end of a relationship. I've never said no. I just didn't give an answer!
  • My real excitement comes when a movie transforms me. When you love the movie you've played in, you can make that bridge back to your own life.