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The quote of the "Obituary of Adolf Hitler" is the entire obit and as it was published on 7 April 1945 is likely a copyvio. Jezhotwells 22:35, 8 April 2011 (UTC)

Reposting from talk-page of the obituary: "Outside comment: I believe inclusion of the text would be warranted under "fair use". We have a whole article dedicated to this brief text. If this was an article about a work of visual art, we would include a copy of the artwork as an image. We do this under the fair-use doctrine of US law, and under our non-free content criteria. While the latter are not worded in such a way as to include text content, it does make sense to apply the basic idea of these criteria also in cases of quoting text. So: would our use of the text infringe on commercial opportunities of the copyright holders? Hardly; there is certainly no commercial market for selling licenses to reprint this text (as there might be with bona fide literary works, poems and the like), and the permission obtained from the publishers ensures we're not stepping on anybody's toes. Does the inclusion of the quote add significantly to the understanding of the article? I'd say yes, just as an image usually does in an article about a work of visual art. Given how short it is, seeing the full text gives the reader an understanding of the tone and laconic style of the text that isolated shorter quotes would not. (Note: double-posting this here and on the "editor assistance" page.) Fut.Perf. ☼ 10:07, 9 April 2011 (UTC) Retrieved from "" "

Also, notice on the Hamsun's Hitler-obituary's talk-page how the original deleter Eisfbnore reveals his eagerness to censor Hamsun, by suggesting the obituary should be deleted from Wikisource AS WELL! - This guy doesn't like facts, apparently, preferring his own slanted interpretations to stand instead of facts. Somehow, editor Jezhotwells goes the same route, claiming "copyrightvio" for a four-line text that's been freely used for 66 years (since 1945), and where the copyrightholder has confirmed to Wikipedia that the Wikepedia-use is fine with them, even desired. It's getting ridiculous not to conclude that the censorship by Eisfbnore it not a non-NPOV (Neutral Point-Of-View) violation based on negative bias towards Hamsun as an historical person. (Not to mention towards Hitler - but it'd be a bit harder for the NPOV not be fairly negative in his case, neutrally speaking...;-).

I maintain reuse of the obituary is not copyright-violation. But to be on the (very) safe side, copyright-holder's permission for use on Wikipedia has been obtained, with their - publisher Gyldendal's - web-site contact-info posted. Asap. this will be formally confirmed to Wikipedia on Wikipedia's form, i.e. after the week-end. In the mean time, give it a rest with the overboard censoring. 11:39, 9 April 2011 (UTC)

There appears to be no OTRS templates on this wiki, so I'll simply state that permission has been verified for the inclusion of "Adolf Hitlers nekrolog af Knut Hamsun i Aftenposten" under CC-By-SA/GFDL licenses, and is viewable at Ticket:2011041110010583 by OTRS volunteers. Please ask me at Wikipedia if you have any questions. VernoWhitney 14:15, 13 April 2011 (UTC)