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  • Fifteen cents of every twenty-cent stamp goes for storage.
    • On bureaucratic efficiency
  • Good Evening, I'm Louis Rukeyser. This is Wall $treet Week... Welcome Back.
  • Only liberals have trouble understanding that if you subsidize sloth and fertility, you get more; and if you penalize hard work and thrift, you get less.
    • On welfare reform and tax policy
  • "What's It All About, Alfie?" This was the title of a song from the popular Michael Caine movie of the same name. Louis Rukeyser enjoyed quoting the title often, usually as a means of introducing new subject matter on his show WALL STREET WEEK.
  • "Remember, it's only your money. It's not your life."
    • On maintaining a sense of perspective
  • "Wink!" At the end of every WALL STREET WEEK, just as the final credits would roll, the TV audience received a warm wink from Mr. Rukeyser, which was a sign of his solidarity and charm. A trademark of his, perhaps, more indelible to his viewers than anything he could ever have articulated.