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  • There is no other solution ... I cannot imagine that life would be possible for the children after the Führer. - Magda Goebbels talking about the possible murder of her children, according to Traudl Junge

About Magda Goebbels

  • This woman could play an important role in my life, even without being married to her. In all my work, she could represent the female counterpart to my one-sidedly male instincts. Too bad she isn't married. Indeed, if she were... the Führer... so wedded to politics, could be permitted a platonic intimacy with her of a depth impossible with a single woman. - Adolf Hitler, 1931
  • She was a very clever woman, on a higher level than most people... You have to understand that we were living outside normal reality... But I still didn't understand how she could kill six children... The kids were so charming. They played with each other... They had nothing to do with what was going on... But she (Frau Goebbels) didn't want it. She said: "I belong to my husband and the children belong to me." Not to spare one or two of the children was madness, dreadful. - Erna Flegel, a nurse who was present in the Führerbunker), from a 2005 newspaper interview