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  • I'd like to remind everybody there's nothing personal. We just do our job to make people happy, especially to the Filipino people. I will do my best to bring honor to our country.
  • Forty percent of the people of Sarangani have no adequate housing, no adequate food, no proper nutrition. For those 40%, it’s not just statistic, it’s their daily experience of life. Numbers are very useful for all sorts of things. But numbers don’t tell us what something is really like. For that, we need imagination. Better yet, actual experience. For me, poverty was an actual experience. I know what it feels like to do without a home, to do without food. I know what it’s like to go hungry. That was me for the first half of my life. Yes I knew hunger, homelessness, and what it was like to want to go to school but unable to do so. Life then seemed hopeless. I still sometimes find it hard to believe that I am now where I am,