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Unsourced proverbs[edit]

  • जस्यास तसे
    • Transliteration: Jasyas tase
    • Literal: Tit for Tat
    • Source:

katrajcha ghat dakhvine

  • गाढवासमोर वाचली गीता आणि कालचा गोंधळ बरा होता.
    • Meaning: Explaining to a fool has no use whatsoever.
  • दुरून डोंगर साजरे.
    • English equivalent: The grass is always green on the other side.
    • Meaning: A person must always thinks the other's situation to be better not more worse.
  • उथळ पाण्याला खळखळाट फार.
    • English equivalent: Empty vessels make more sound.
    • Meaning: Those with little knowledge keep showing it. Those who know all do not overeact.
  • अति तेथे माती
    • English equivalent: Too many cooks spoil the broth.
    • Meaning:When there are too many people trying to lead and give their opinions, it's confusing and leads to bad results.
  • अंगापेक्षा बोंगा मोठा
    • English :The porturbance is larger than body.

Something out of proportion.

  • गाढवाला गुलाची चव काय!
    • What taste has a donkey for sugar

Satha Uttarachi Kahani[edit]

What is the meaning and story behind the proverb "Satha Uttarachi Kahani Pacha Uttari Sufal Sampurna"