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Jerry: Anyway, the point is I'm cheating on my wife.
Dean: Look, Jerry, please don't tell me this is what you dragged me down here for. Go see a priest or a rabbi.
Jerry: I woke up and I couldn't remember who I was with. What am I doing.
Dean: Look, you love Patti, right?
Jerry: Right.
Dean: And she loves you, right?
Jerry: Right.
Dean: So what's the problem?
Jerry: Its wrong.
Dean: Wrong? Wrong for who? For you?
Jerry: Don't you think its wrong?
Dean: Jerry, all I know is what's right for me. I don't apologize and I don't explain.

Dean: Jerry, your gonna be ninety years old one day, and your gonna look back on this conversation and say what a schmuck I was to worry about this stuff.
Jerry: Why is it so easy for you?
Dean: I don't know, maybe there's just something about women that somebody knows her. Especially someone your not supposed to know. What's she gonna feel like, how she looks like under those clothes.