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Oldid 2442166, dated 4 August[edit]

Good evening to all.

I wish to apologize for what on edit oldid depends on.

I have modified only the paragraph titled "Mary, the mother of Jesus", without adding or removing any external link. Perhaps, the last line was "==external links ==".

We can notice that the two previous edits (saved at 10 June) reported the categories, without a paragraph "external links" at the end. I gave a more detailed description on User talk:Kalki page, now in the second topic of the talk ("Quotation of John Calvin; titles of paragraphs ...").Micheledisaverio (talk) 16:19, 22 August 2018 (UTC)

Quotation of John Calvin; titles of paragraphs "Mary, mother of Jesus" and "Mary, Theotokòs"[edit]

1) Quotations by Jogn Calvin: There are nine quotation given (directly) by John Calvin, in about 40 lines of text (connection via tablet). Six of them are given by the source "Commentary on Luke", not strictly related to the article's matter.

The following quotation's source is also not verifiable (not immediately):

  • We condemn those who affirm that a man once justified cannot sin. ... As to the special privilege of the Virgin Mary, when they produce the celestial diploma we shall believe what they say.John Calvin, Antidote to the Canons of the Council of Trent, Canon 23. (1547)"

We shall have a more balanced and neutral article. Part of the quotations has to be moved to the page of John Calvin. If not sourced, the aforementioned quotation has to be removed. _____________

2) Title of paragraphs: As a more general rule, quotations hasn't to be limited only to the founder or the head of any faith, .Editors can introduce quotations given by theologians and mystics devoted to the Most Blessed Virgin Mother of God. 2b) I suggest to save two separate paragraphs: "Mary, Blessed Virgin Mother of God", and "Mary, mother of Jesus". The second one is reserved to faiths which believe in Jesus being a man and not God.Micheledisaverio (talk) 22:52, 4 August 2018 (UTC)

Gary Waller[edit]

The article quotes him as saying; Here is confounded and overthrown the foolish opinion of the papists, which would have us to worship a creature before the Creator; Mary before her Son. These wise men do not so; they worship not Mary and wherefore? Because God only is to be worshipped: but Mary is not God. p.1 Did he actually say what sounds like something from the 1700s or was he quoting somebody else?