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This article was preserved after a vote for its deletion. See its archived VfD entry for details.

LrdChaos 16:07, 24 August 2006 (UTC)

Needs cleanup plus sources[edit]

  • Please feel free to add. No bolding plz and try to add sources. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by ResurgamII (talkcontribs) 19:52, 29 August 2006 (UTC)
Okay, folks, we've got three editors simultaneously working on this article and stepping on each others' toes. ☺ I'll back off, but allow me to suggest that ResurgamII had a good idea in trying to convert the bare-link sources to explicit ones; it was just not completed by adding a "References" section with a <references/> tag that would display the citations. (I added this just after ResurgamII's first edit,[1] but then s/he reverted both changes, perhaps after realizing his/her first change didn't completely work.)
We definitely do want explicit sources. Usually on Wikiquote, each source is included in a separate line under the quote. If there are many quotes from a few sources, some articles use Wikipedia's footnoting system to collect them. Either way is fine (in my humble opinion), as long as the details of the source are displayed somewhere — author, article title, work title, date, etc. We now have {{Cite web}}, {{Cite news}}, and {{Cite book}} templates to make this easier to format for display. ~ Jeff Q (talk) 20:36, 29 August 2006 (UTC)

- Sorry about that and thanks for the information. I'm finished anyway. Edit away! --ResurgamII 13:34, 30 August 2006 (UTC)

those quote only reflect one short part of mel Gibsons life and carreer and that is his ONE tme DUI arrest when he was drunk and say lots of rabbish. You cnanot use that in a wikipedia quote as a definition of the actor and it is exgtremellly visible that the peple contributign to this page are oNE SIDED and agaisnt this actor, wich is segregative, and only chose quote who in their opinion will make the person most unlikable ot anyone. I suggest therefor to put this on hold and to deleete the content of the quote section who is dispicable. There is lots of quote about Mel Gibson who got nothing tio do with DUI arrest and all whats in that page is obviously under the influence of mass media and paparazzi gossips. Is wikipedia ot be the reflection of gossips magazins? or is it to be a serious web site where people can feel save to quote informations from? What about his life work? what about his thousands of work project for charitable organisations to help families , kids, and different ethnicities in the world to survive? I do not accept that Mel Gibson is define as a facist and to just use the quotation veil to call him that is no excuse! There is lots of people who talk very good of him and to only put the talk of one single person there is not somehting i can agree with specialy when that quote is so offending and extreme,.. it shoudl be put at a quote for the person who said it to show what kind of person he is! and not here in wiki to talk about Mel Gibson! so we should chosesomehting he said who freally define the man, and not soemthing you would like tooffend him with! and so put the name of someone else on it! This wiki quote about Mel Gibson is so shameless and offending that you should be sue for comng wiht that or call yoruself a blog somewhee on the internet for gossip deliberatly agains tMel Gibson, but not come here and post all that crap as being soemthing serious and elaborate about a man who never did wrong in hislife, instead of treating him like he had killed 2 people not drunk and on full burden! Mind that alcohol was used in medecin as anestethic before cutting legs or pulling off tooth and other more complicate operation, to make sure the patient wont feel a thing and wont remember a thing.. Saying jew, or US, or arabs, or chineese, or french, are the cause of allwars, is not a crime. Its politicaly and historicaly uncorect, but there si lots of people saying lots of non factual stuff around that doesnt make them into target for such harassement aS WE SEE HERE MISTER MEL GIBSON being the subject of. So why do you do so? Ask yourself why. This page only reflect one negativ event in his life and is totaly submerged by it only! I dont see any comment form the Parkinsons' interview and any mention of Björn, nor from the Martin Riggs stuff.. Where are they all? Most of those are free access on youtube so thats easy. So for me there is here a calculated will to avoid anything tangible and positiv and funny and real about Mel Gibson, to only keep a charicature of the man who do not at all correspond to whom the person really is and who disguise the truth, to tell a lie some people will like to tell other and make them believe about. In short, this quote page of MG, is only there to entertain a myth, that MG is a racist and an antisemite and a religious extremist which he is not! This wikipedia quotation page has become a free room for harrassement of people who arent there to defend themselves, from people who dont know a thing at all about the man, and his life and work and all his activities, and who didnt put them into the subject and stude it at all, but whoonly came here to get even on someone they decided to hate based on gossips from mass media and intensive harrassement of the man in the press, which they mimic here. This quotation page is as valid as coments made about britney spear in the hollywood gossip press and other "lets-mug-someone-elses-faces" type of magazins and websites. If wikipedia accept that, then wikipedia is not a place where to seek informations. That image only reflect one single side of event made by a very extrmistic part of the media specialised in making a mountain outof a molehill, to sell sell sell, and to od so with everybody who is known.. an dto make them know negatively. This image do not reflect reality, but a very major distrotion of it and can therefor not be accepted as the reflection of reality and the truth about the person. Does anyon of oyu for exemple know that the passage of the passion of Christ who was so muhc criticise forbeingantisemitic, was only a phrase who is taken fromthe bible, from Matteus? and that this exact phrase is to be heared also in a movie about the life of Christ, call " thelast temptation of christ" and made by Martin Scoeseze, who is jew, some years before he made the Godfather, and his movie was never criticized for being antisemite. It mad waves too, for otehr reasons, for his free interpretation of the life of Christ, but not for antisemitisme, and he also had Jesus screaming to his own people and to the highst Rabbi "who do you think oyu are jew? you think you are better than others!? HUH!? You are not! You think you are the chosen race? chosen by God? You are not!" and followed a long tirade, who is not very good to the jewish communitiy, an dwho is not in the bible at all, and who was a freelance interpretation from Martin Scorseze,and how he envisioned it and what he wanted oto say himself to the jewish community.. out of the movie theaters (!) but he wasnt critisised for antisemitisme nor accused of all sort of crimes nor persecuted, thus what is shown and said in his movie, is far more over the line than anything at all you can see in Mel Gibsons movie "The Passion of Christ". I htink it is very important to take this exemple here ot put htings in perspective an understand what mechanisme have been playing here, to build up to this total harrassemen of MG as a perosn for crimes he never comitted. 4 very known actors in Hollywood, have aid of MG AFTER the DUI arrest that he was a very generosu and helpfull man. 2 of them were jews. Where is this in your quotation list, under Mel Gibson the man? Is the mods or admin here bloking for the truth because the perosn is opinioniated herself/himself about the subject, or is htisdue to a total lack of real moderation? how moderated is it to define MG wiht a single sentence who define him as a facist?!? This is absurd, extreme, unjustified, and undeserved!

I wish to see this being fixed, and remedied to, and ot see some serious well founded discussion and quotations founding place here. If oyu come to tlak about MG just to throw tomatoes at his face with no risks and no charge, just say so, but odnt come her at wikipedia to hide it as being some serious description of the person. I am sure that oyu dont even know that his body Guards are jews and that they come for theisraelian secret service, and that they both protect him and his childrens, and that he had to hired them after he received several death threats against him and his kids, during themaking of th ePassion of Christ and a year before the movie prmiére! So see what that kind of folie and extremeisme and quote extremisme and selfrighteousness and "get even" spirit can lead to, by people whos only sources are the mass media and gossips entertainers, and dontelt wikipedia be one of them! This is as wrong as can be. And as faulse as can be.

Wikipedia is supposed to be a source of information, not a source of difamation! And thats what it is becoming if this quotation page is alowed to stay as it is.

I do not see any discussions taking place at the discussion page and being visible. Can someone tell me why? Thanks.

Most quotes reflect one short period in the speaker's life - the moment they are uttering the quote. This is Wikiquote, not Wikipedia, we don't "talk about" positive or negative things in an article, we merely report notable things which the subject has been reported as having said. BD2412 T 16:05, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

Eszterhas letter[edit]

"A nine-page letter to Gibson from writer Joe Eszterhas, leaked to The Wrap"

This is mentioned in and I think it refers to

The Independent goes on:

The letter paints a lurid picture of the Academy Award winner, claiming that in their meetings he “continually called Jews ‘Hebes’ and ‘oven-dodgers’ and ‘Jewboys’,” and described the Holocaust as “mostly a load of horseshit”. According to it, Gibson is said to believe that there is a “Jewish/Masonic conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church”, and almost pushed the writer into quitting when he proclaimed: “What I really want to do with this movie is convert the Jews to Christianity.”

How would we present these purported claims? I don't know if we should assume Joe is reliable in quoting Mel directly. Certainly attributed quotes but seem neither proven or disproven. ScratchMarshall (talk) 04:08, 21 February 2018 (UTC)