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There's no longer shine on this burned-out rainbow
Collective Soul, After All
Archived quotes of the moment

Hello, and welcome to my user page (are you sure you aren't looking for my user talk page?). I was a sysop here at Wikiquote, which basically meant that I could handle deletion/undeletion and blocking disruptive users, as well as everything else that a regular user can do.

Primarily, I do most of my work "behind the scenes." This means that rather than actively searching for quotes and for sources, I spend most of my time on maintenance tasks and all of the other things that are necessary for Wikiquote to work well.

My contributions and to-dos

Pages I've created Selected pages I've cleaned up or expanded

Brian Kernighan × Collective Soul × Cube × Gin Blossoms × James C. Nelson × Murder by Death

Airplane! × Aqua Teen Hunger Force × Babylon 5 × Before Sunrise × Bill Watterson × Clerks. × Corpse Bride × Cube 2: Hypercube × Democracy × Donald Rumsfeld × Emacs × Futurama × Government × Hannibal × Kill Bill: Volume 2 × MacGyver × Mitch Hedberg × MythBusters × Programming × Star Trek: The Next Generation × The Taking of Pelham One Two Three × Technology × The Thomas Crown Affair × Tom Petty × Twister

Selected pages I've contributed to Some pages needing some attention

2001: A Space Odyssey × CSI: Crime Scene Investigation × Dark City × The Fog of War × Invader Zim × J. Edgar Hoover × Kill Bill: Volume 1 × Last words × Liberty × Spaceballs × Stephen King × T. H. White × United States Bill of Rights × Without a Trace × The X-Files × You Only Live Twice

This is mostly for my reference.

CSI [N] × Law & Order [N] × James Bond [N] × MacGyver [N] × Pitch Black [N] × The Prisoner [N]



In order to avoid forgetting certain ideas and links, I've created several subpages of my user page to keep track of such. Anyone who's not me might not find my to-do list that interesting, but my links page may have a more general appeal. In trying to be less instantaneous in nominating pages for deletion, I've started keeping a list of possible deletion candidates.

Other projects


I use the same username on several Wiki projects:

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