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  • "Normality is the insanity of the masses." ~ Fredrik Nerbrand
  • "If everyone was normal, there'd be no art." ~ Anonymous
  • "Normality is in the eye of the beholder." ~ Anonymous
  • "Everyone is just as normal and fucked up as everyone else." ~ Dave Grohl
  • "You raise the blade, you make the change, you rearrange me until I'm sane." - Pink Floyd

Dr. Cameron: Is it so wrong for them to want to have a normal child? It's normal to want to be normal.
Dr. House: Spoken like a true circle queen. See, skinny, socially privileged white people get to draw this neat little circle. And everyone inside the circle is "normal". Anyone outside the circle needs to be beaten, broken and reset so that they can be brought into the circle. Failing that, they should be institutionalized. Or even worse - Pitied.