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  • Based on the records that historians have examined to date, one of the earliest instances of such oath-taking was in [[w:Antigua|Antigua in 1736. Supposed conspirators testified that the enslaved insurgents planned a rebellion to begin on October 11th, the night that a ball was scheduled to take place to celebrate the anniversary of the coronation of Britain’s King George II. However, the ball was postponed until the end of the month and the plot was uncovered before the insurrection actually began. According to the testimony of tortured conspirators and participants who betrayed their fellow rebels, the insurgents had taken several oaths in preparation for the revolt. They promised to be faithful to one another, to stand by each other, to kill all whites, and to suffer death rather than reveal the plans they had discussed. They sealed these oaths by drinking a mixture composed of rum (or some other kind of liquor), grave dirt and, sometimes, chicken’s blood. Similar oath-taking was described in St. Croix in 1759, as a part of another slave insurrection. When captured, participants in this rebellion reported that two members of their group had cut their fingers, and they mixed their blood with water]][[ and grave dirt. The participants drank the mixture, swearing not to reveal the planned rebellion.