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    • In Milla's secret room, I discovered her personal demons and later fought them in "The Milkmen Conspiracy" twice.

I've GOOGLE'd up a bunch of pages but have no conclusive answer on whether I can destroy all of her demons in the game. Obviously there is a link between Milla and the arsonist Milkman, but I want to wipe out her demons and cannot discover more anguish ambush spots. Can anyone help?

    • There is no link between the two of them besides the fact that they both have nightmares. Those things are nightmares, not Personal Demons. Personal Demons are the annoying little guys in Sasha's mind that explode when they get close. You can't destroy her nightmares, and you don't need to because, unlike Boyd, she has them under control. I hope that helped.

Psychonauts 2[edit]

Now that the video game Psychonauts 2 has been released, when can we get started on adding its quotations? --Apisite (talk) 12:52, 28 August 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]