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Whoever wrote this webpage - why don't you correct Mr. Niebuhr's name. It is twice written incorrectly - his name is spelled:

                 N I E B U H R 


Thank you for your notice. I fixed two typographical errors, and hope all is right now. By the way, you can edit and fix them also, because everyone can edit this site; it belonged to the things you can change ;-)
Cheers and hope your visit again, --Aphaia 20:33, 18 Apr 2005 (UTC)

The first version of the Serenity Prayer set forth here, the so-called "long version," is described here as dating from c. 1942. That is a completely unfounded dating. The "long version" is much later and has nothing to do with Niebuhr. It is also completely wrong to describe this as the "original" version. Fred Shapiro has documented the Serenity Prayer back to 1933, with none of the early versions having anything like the extra text of the "long version."