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Add unsourced quotations here.

There is no nonsense so gross that society will not, at some time, make a doctrine of it and defend it with every weapon of communal stupidity. Google it

"Fanaticism is overcompensation for doubt." This one is attributed to him in many places, including a Wikipedia help page: . However I have yet to find a source. Mbarbier 20:56, 10 October 2011 (UTC)

I should add that Carl Jung said something similar in his book Psychological Types: "For fanaticism, after all, is merely overcompensated doubt." Mbarbier 20:57, 10 October 2011 (UTC)


What's with all the bolded text in the quote entries? Don't the submitters trust us to read the good parts? The Sanity Inspector 19:56, 7 February 2010 (UTC)


I'm not an experienced enough editor to know whether I am committing a faux pas, but I thought I'd comment that the images used in this article were excellent. Thanks to the editors and contributors.

Thanks for the appreciation — I am someone who encourages the use of fitting images to highlight many of the various meanings or evocations of many of the most significant quotes. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 00:55, 28 August 2011 (UTC)