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  • Zico não ganhou nada.

Translation: "Zico never won anything."

Context: When compared to the second best player in Brazil's history, Zico.

  • Só vejo o Pelé na minha frente. Ele não é rei, é Deus, inigualável. Quanto mais perto chegar dele, mais prazer vou ter. Eu sou eu, nunca me comparei a ninguém e não vou fazer isso agora. Respeito todo mundo, mas me respeito muito também.

Translation: "I only see Pele ahead of me. He is not a king, he is God, unreachable. As closer I get to his marks, more pleasure I have. I am myself, I have never compared myself to anyone and will not do it now. I respect everyone, but I also have a lot of respect for myself."

Context: When he scored 800 goals, surpassing Zico's milestone.

  • Who has to worry about having a good image is a TV set.

  • Aqui tem muito rei. Rei têm dois, três, quatro, cinco. Mas Deus, Deus só tem um. E agora eles sabem quem é

Translation: "There are a lot of kings here. There is two kings, three, four, five. But there is only one God. And now they know who that is."

Context: Answering Tulio and Renato Gaucho, that were competing with him to be the top scorer of 1995 Rio de Janeiro State Championship.

  • Diga não às drogas, não torça pelo Fluminense

Translation: "Say no to drugs. Do not support Fluminense."

Context: In a TV show.

  • Treinar pra quê se eu entro em campo e já sei o que fazer

Translation: "Why should I practice if when I got in the pitch I know exactly what to do?"

Context: After a practice session at Vasco.

  • I like Miami, here the things works.

  • If I had been an athlete I would have made much more goals!

  • I like the resort where the Brazilian national team is practicing for the World Cup, the only problem is women are not allowed in so we can’t have sex.

Context: Referring to the hotel of the 1994 World Cup.

  • I am not happy to play for Barcelona, but Barcelona should be happy that I play there.

  • The coach should keep out of the way… He is an important figure, of course, but is more likely to lose a match than win it. Matches are won by players.