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Romário in the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil on 6 May 2010

Romário de Souza Faria (born January 29, 1966, in Rio de Janeiro), better known simply as Romário, is a retired Brazilian football Forward striker. He helped the Brazil national team win the 1994 FIFA World Cup and was one of the most prolific strikers in the world.


  • Eu nunca fui exemplo para ninguém.
    • Translation: " I have never been a role model for anyone."
    • Context: When talking about his career in the Brazilian national team.
    • Source: Veja Magazine; 1903 Edition. May 4th, 2005.

  • Alfonso quem? So falo de quem eu conheco.
    • Translation: "Alfonso Who? I only talk about people I know."
    • Context: Replying to journalists who had asked him what he thought about player Alfonso who had called him lazy.
    • Source: Globo Esporte.

  • Quando durmo muito, não faço gols, por isso gosto de ficar na noite.
    • Translation: "When I sleep too much I don't score. That's the reason I like to go out a lot."
    • Context: Romário was seen in different night clubs during his career while being the top scorer in almost every major competition he played in.
    • Source: Veja Magazine; 1895 Edition. March 9th, 2005.

  • O Pelé calado é um poeta. Dentro de campo, ele foi o nosso pai. Fora dele, tem de colocar um sapato na boca.
    • Translation: "Pelé shut up is a poet. On the field, he was our Father; outside it, he should put a shoe in his mouth"
    • Context: Angry answer after Pele told different sources that Romário should retire from pro soccer.
    • Source: Veja Magazine; 1895 Edition. March 9th, 2005.

  • Parei. Não dá mais. Não tenho mais vontade.
    • Translation: "I quit. I can't play anymore. I lack the desire to do it. "
    • Context: Announcing his retirement.
    • Source: Veja Magazine; 1886 Edition. January 5th, 2005.

  • Quero deixar bem claro que não vou parar.
    • Translation: "I want to make it really clear that I will not retire."
    • Context: Announcing his retirement.
    • Source: Veja Magazine; 1992 Edition. February 18th, 2005.

  • Quando eu nasci, Deus apontou o dedo em minha direção e disse: esse é o cara.
    • Translation: "When I was born, God pointed at me and said “That’s the man"
    • Context: When he signed with Fluminense in 2002.
    • Source: esportes.terra.

  • O cara nem entrou no ônibus ainda e já quer sentar na janela.
    • Translation: "The dude didn't even hop up on the bus yet and wants to sit in the window already"
    • Context: Referring to Alexandro Gama, Fluminense's coach in 2003, who put Romário in the bench in his first game managing the club.
    • Source: PauliniaNews

  • Goleiro sempre tem mérito. Mas dessa vez não. Do jeito que bati, até a minha mãe pegava.
    • Translation: "The goalkeeper always deserves the credit. But not this time. The way I kicked the ball, even my mother would have saved it"
    • Context: After missing a penalty kick, in 2005.
    • Source: esportes.terra.

  • Se você me perguntar por que eu gosto da noite, é simples: é que à noite você vê só o que quer. De dia, é obrigado a ver tudo.
    • Translation: "The reason I like night time is simple. At night you see what you want. During the day, you are forced to see everything"
    • Source: Veja Magazine; 1992 Edition. February 18th, 2005.

  • Não estou indo para o trabalho, mas eles também não estão me pagando. E a amizade continua...
    • Translation: "I am not showing up for work, but they are not paying me. The friendship goes on..."
    • Context: Referring to his situation at Vasco da Gama days before he retired.
    • Source: "O Dia" newspaper.

  • A corte agora está contente. O rei, o príncipe e o bobo.
    • Translation: "Now the whole court is happy: The king, the prince and the fool"
    • Context: Calling Edmundo a fool, who sarcastically called him a “prince”, and referring also to Vasco’s president at the time, Eurico Miranda.
    • Source: "O Dia" newspaper.

  • Deus abençoou os pés desse cidadão, mas se esqueceu do resto e principalmente da boca, porque quando ele fala só sai besteira, ou melhor: só sai m...
    • Translation: "God blessed this guy's feet, but forgot about the rest, specially his mouth, because when he talks he only says crap, I mean: he only say shi*."
    • Context: Referring to Pele, after the latter criticized him after the 1998 Gold Cup.
    • Source: esportes.terra


  • Marcar o Robinho é desgaste físico. Marcar o Romário é desgaste emocional
    • Translation: "Trying to stop Robinho is a physical fatigue. Trying to stop Romário is an emotional fatigue."
    • Context: Santos FC player Narciso.
    • Source: ISTO É Magazine, Edition. 1788.

  • Está entre Romário e van Basten
    • Translation: "It is between Romário and Van Basten"
    • Context: Former agentinean player Diego Maradona, when asked who was the best player he had ever saw playing.
    • Source: Placar Magazine, Edition. 1315.

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