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  • The Russians are a queer mixture of strength and weakness. They have got a passion in their intellect, say, a passionate intellect. They have a distracted and restless emotional being, but there is something behind it which is very fine and psychic, though their soul is not very healthy. And therefore I am not right in saying that Gandhi is a Russian Christian, because he is so very dry. He has got the intellectual passion and a great moral will-force, but he is more dry than the Russians. The gospel of suffering that he is preaching has its root in Russia as nowhere else in Europe... other Christian nations don't believe in it. At the most they have it in the mind, but the Russians have got it in their very blood. They commit a mistake in preaching the gospel of suffering, but we also commit in India a mistake in preaching the idea of vairagya [disgust with the world].
    • Sri Aurobindo, June 22, 1926 quoted from Sri Aurobindo, ., Nahar, S., Aurobindo, ., & Institut de recherches évolutives (Paris). India's rebirth: A selection from Sri Aurobindo's writing, talks and speeches. Paris: Institut de Recherches Evolutives. 3rd Edition (2000). [2]


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I see that my forerunners added many quotes by what Germans would call Putinverstehers, self-proclaimed experts who enjoy thinking they understand Russia and Putin, but really don't. Or left-wing thinkers with the fallacious mindset of "America = bad, therefore Russia = good." However, I believe those quotes must be kept in the article – the more varied the points of view, the better. It's up to the reader to think for themselves and make their own conclusions, we're not addressing children. --Spafky (talk) 07:49, 23 May 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Source of this quote?[edit]

Russia is in favor of a multipolar world, a democratic world order, strengthening the system of international law, and for developing a legal system in which any small country, even a very small country, can feel itself secure, as if behind a stone wall. ~Vladimir Putin

When did he say this? --Spafky (talk) 10:02, 23 May 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]