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Guitry is not "Russian-born"!?! His parents were famous French actors, on World Tour when Sacha was born... So he was born in Russia, but he is fully French!


  • He is a cuckold; that's why I cheated on him.
  • A woman who runs off with her lover does not abandon her husband; she rids him of an unfaithful wife.
  • If women were good, God would have one.
  • When you listen to Mozart, the silence that follows is still Mozart.
  • Women... Women are lovely, but dogs are so much more loyal.
  • Women speak until they have something to say.
  • If women knew how much we missed them, they would leave sooner.
  • A woman who runs off with her lover is not abandonning her husband: she is sparing him a disloyal wife.
  • I shall then live alone... and I already wonder with whom.
  • His death made him famous, he can come back now.
  • You're not rich because you have money, but because you spend it.
  • I am in favor of preserving the French habit of kissing ladies’ hands – after all, one must start somewhere.
  • He does not seem intelligent enough to be crazy.
  • The better I know men... the more I like dogs!
  • A murderer is a robber who got interrupted.