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I believe the sentence "You not very good with hands - try DICK!" is wrong. As I recall, the quote is actually "You not fight well with hands, try dick!".

There's also a lot of other errors:

"You no mess with the Lo Wang" - It's actually "Ha ha, you no mess with Lo-Wang!" "I like sword - it's a personal weapon." - It's "I like sword - That's a personal weapon." "Ow! Who put these here?" - The "Ow!" comes after "Who put these here?!" "It is good day to die. ha-ha" - There is no "ha ha" "I hope you are paying attention." - It's "I hope you were paying attention." ~~

  • You could... change it?
  • Also there is something like: "Toaster like Nagasaki!" when you fire a Nuke with the Missile launcher.

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