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Shadow Warrior (1997) is a first-person shooter computer game.

Lo Wang[edit]

  • "Oh, like I scared of little snake!"
  • "Tch! Son of a bitch!"
  • "I am the Shadow Warrior."
  • "You no mess with Lo Wang!"
  • "Who wants some Wang?"
  • "A ninja knows no fear."
  • "Pain is for the weak."
  • "You made another stupid move!"
  • "You look like a stupid!"
  • "Try hunting both of us!"
  • "It is natural to die."
  • "Sayonara, scumbag."
  • "You are tiny grasshopper."
  • "Who put these here!? Ow!"
  • "It is good day to die. Ha-Ha"
  • "Just like Hiroshima."
  • "Just like Nagasaki."
  • "Oh, damn, I'm running into walls now!"
  • "Oh, better zip fly."
  • "Everybody dead. I like that."
  • "Ahh, better than acupuncture."
  • "Ancient chinese secret."
  • "Oh, must be American made."
  • "You drive like a baboon in heat."
  • "You very bad man."
  • "This is not a charade."
  • "Dying time's here."
  • "Eat this, pencil dick!"
  • "You can't evade me forever."
  • "I stick a firecracker in your ass."
  • "Haha, call me Mr. Fix It!"
  • "That's no ordinary wang."
  • "You do that you go blind."
  • "Two wangs are better than one."
  • "Hello, is your refridgerator running? Better catch it!"
  • "Tora, Tora, Tora!"
  • "Uh oh, look like Lo Wang need to cut back on sushi."
  • "No, can't use this, this won't fit on my finger."
  • "Before you attack her, wrap your wacka!"
  • "Whoa, must be American made."
  • "Just like Pearl Harbour."
  • "Revenge is dish best served raw."
  • "Oh you little tiny dick."
  • "I am a man with a tool, make a special acupuncture for you!"
  • "This not tournament, this for real!"
  • "No pain, no gain. Hahaha!"
  • "No way, water cold" (USE on some toilets)
  • "Lo Wang need to cut back on Sushi" (Floating Fortress level/medical bay/USE the scale)
  • "Hmmm... no power!" (Trying to turn on the lights)

After killing an enemy using a sword:

  • "Oh, split personality!"
  • "Oh, look, you coming apart!"
  • "You half the man you used to be!"

After killing an enemy using fists:

  • "You blocking with your head again!"
  • "I hope you were paying attention."
  • "It's all in the reflexes."
  • "How's that for kung-fu fighting you chicken shit?!"
  • "I Kill you!"

After causing a large explosion:

  • "Holy cow!"
  • "Holy pieces of cow!"
  • "Holy shit!"
  • "Holy pieces of shit!"
  • "Like Chinese New Year fireworks!"
  • "Holy cow! Look like Duke Nukem! HAHAHA!"
  • "Takusan balls, sukoshi penis."

After hitting an opponent with a sticky bomb:

  • "Look, you have a new friend!"
  • "Oh ho ho, sticky bomb like you!"
  • "Sticky Bomb meet Mr. Stupid."
  • "Better watch out; it go boom!"

When speaking to a woman who is bathing:

  • "Lo Wang soap you good."
  • "Woops, Lo Wang drop soap, you bend over get it, hahaha."
  • "Those real tits?"
  • "Do you want to wash wang? Or do you want to watch Wang wash wang?"

When speaking to a woman who is using a toilet:

  • "What you eat anyway baby?"
  • "Haha, you go poo-poo, hehehe, uh, I leave room."
  • "Hello, what died up here?"
  • "Hey baby, pull my finger! Hahaha!"

When speaking to a woman mechanic:

  • "Hey, baby, you polish too?"
  • "Hey, chicky, you tighten my nuts?"
  • "Lo Wang's drive shaft need service."
  • "So, you good with hands?"

When speaking to a woman in a car showroom:

  • "You got something with a big backseat, two people horizontal?"
  • "How about a test drive, doll?"
  • "See my stick shift? In fast gear, hahaha!"
  • "Whoa, baby, what's up your tail pipe?"

When speaking to woman (Sailor Moon parody) on a ship:

  • "Hey peaches, how bout you moon me? Hahaha."
  • "Hey, since you already in bed, well..."
  • "Hey baby, you in bed? Is there room for two?"
  • "You good lookin' sailor babe."

When speaking to an older woman:

  • "Lady, somebody beat you with ugly stick!"
  • "Maybe if I close eyes it go away!"
  • "Ooh, Lo Wang wish somewhere else now!"
  • "Lo Wang's gonna womit now..."

When seeing rabbits mate:

  • "Having fun little Rabbit? Ha ha!"
  • "Horny rabbits, hahaha."
  • "Push in the bush there rabbit, haha."
  • "Oh, queer bunny."
  • "Oh you faggot rabbit."

Insults that can be played at any time and heard by other players:

  • "You move like a pregnant yak."
  • "You are so stupid! You cannot find ass with both hands!"
  • "You not very good with hands - try DICK!"
  • "Quit jerking off! Come fight me!"
  • "I am sitting here, getting stiff!"

When selecting or obtaining various weapons:

  • "I like big weapons."
  • "Cowabunga."
  • "BANZAII!!"
  • (Shuriken only) "I love the shuriken!"
  • (Sword only) "I like sword - that's a personal weapon."
  • (Sword only) "There can be only one."
  • (Dual uzis only) "Be proud, Mr. Woo."
  • (Railgun only) "Time to get erased."
  • (Nuclear warhead only) "I like nuclear weapons."

Played once at certain spots in certain levels:

  • "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, whoa, I think my dinghy hanging out."
  • "Lo Wang is coming for you little snake coward!"
  • "Go Speed Racer Goooo!"
  • "She's raided her last tomb" [after finding Lara Croft chained to the wall of a prison cell]
  • (To serpent god) "Hey! Come back here and finish fight!... Ugly, scaly, snake... shitface."
  • "Hmm, something flooding or dinosaur taking piss."
  • "Must be here rat, because I trapped like one."
  • "No cell can hold this wang!"
  • "You are weak as a baby fart, go live in fear."
  • "Knock knock you freak, Lo Wang in the house!"
  • "Hmph, rather kick ass than solve puzzle."
  • "Ohh, smell remind me of old girlfriend."
  • "Burn baby burn, flames are gettin' higher!"
  • "Eeyuuh, stink like dead baboon in here."
  • "Heh, this no movie, Mr. Chan."
  • "Welcome to real life, Mr. Chan."
  • "That's no ordinary rabbit."

Fortune say:[edit]

  • "Sorry, you no win this time, try again."
  • "Baseball wrong. Man with 4 balls cannot walk."
  • "No man is island, except Lo Wang."
  • "You should kill all business associates."
  • "You should not scratch yourself there."
  • "Man who stand on toilet, high on pot."
  • "Man who buy drowned cat pay for wet pussy."
  • "Don't you know you the scum of society?!"
  • "Man trapped in pantry has ass in jam."
  • "You never going to score."
  • "You try harder get along. Be a nice man."
  • "26-31-43-82-16-29"
  • "Your chi attracts many chicks."
  • "Man who fart in church sit in own pew."
  • "It is better to have loved and lost than to have loved and got syphilis"
  • "There is much death in future."
  • "(c)1997, 3DRealms fortune cookie company."
  • "Courtesy is contagious. So is Gonorrhea"
  • "Having sex is like playing bridge, If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand."
  • "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the world laughs at you."
  • "No one ever died from a broken heart. But a heart sliced from their chest while they looked on screaming? Not gonna lie. That's killed a couple people."
  • "All men eat but fu man chu"
  • "This is my katana, this is my gun. One for killing, the other's for... OK, the other's also for killing."
  • "The good news: You're not paranoid. The bad news: Everyone is actually trying to kill you."