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Deleted quotes[edit]

Rupert loup has deleted all well sourced quotes from the article , including quotes from the Encyclopaedia of Islam. This seems like whitewashing of notable topics and quotes. User:DanielTom has said in a similar case that attempts to make Wikiquote Sharia-compatible are a form of vandalism.

The quotes are all properly sourced. Could Rupert loup tell us on the talkpage why he deleted them?

And he deleted a quote from Waliullah because there was a secondary source to Robert Spencer, claiming he is fringe. The article was quoting Waliullah and not Spencer, and Spencer is not exactly fringe on this specific topic of Jihad, having written specific books on the subject. All pov's should be represented.

  • To even say, ‘What is shariah? Does anyone go by shariah today?’, is kufr, declares the Fatawa-i-Rizvia. Even if the words have been uttered to taunt others, they constitute a grave sin. To say, ‘We do not recognize shariah, we go by custom,’ is kufr, it declares. The ulema issue a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from joining processions of polytheists. A man says, ‘Issuing a fatwa not to join processions of polytheists, etc., is sheer lathbazi.’ The utterance is reported to the ulema. The utterance constitutes denigration of shariah, the Fatawa-i-Rizvia rules, and denigration of shariah is kufr. The man’s wife is free of his nikah. ... To question ijma (consensus) or taqlid (literal adherence) is kufr, they declare. ... Not to believe in Fiqh is kufr, they declare. He who does not accept Fiqh is Satan, they declare.
    • Fatawa-i-Rizvia, quoted in Arun Shourie - The World of Fatwas Or The Sharia in Action (2012, Harper Collins)
  • The canon of the shariah and the Church, closely linked with the laws of the bourgeosie, treated women as a commodity, a thing to be bought and sold by the male... Just as the bourgeosie had made the worker into its proletarian, so had the savage ancient canons of the shariah, the Church, feudalism and the bourgeosie, reduced woman to the proletariat of the man.
  • Just like Nazism started with Hitler's vision, the Islamic vision is a caliphate, a society ruled by Sharia law, in which women who have sex before marriage are stoned to death, homosexuals are beaten, and apostates like me are killed. Sharia law is as inimical to liberal democracy as Nazism. ... Violence is inherent in Islam; it's a destructive, nihilistic cult of death. It legitimates murder.
  • "...This is first time I have heard the Shari'at's law children not being alive. God forbid, I'm not barren, I've given birth to ten twelve children, What can I do if none of them lived? Is it my fault ? Should I be punished for that ? You give amulets to the whole world.When will you put that knowledge to some use for your own good?...You pose a great maulvi (Muslim religious teacher). The community respects you. Peaople come to you for fatwa. But by god I tell you, all these fabricated dreams of your burn my heart to cinders. Your lies don't affect me anymore .You were saying all these days that one of your disciples was after you, imploring you to marry his daughter. Now suddenly a wise man appears in your dreams on jumeraat (thursday) night.."
    • Rasheed Jahan’s Play Aurat Character Fatima to her husband Atiqullah [1]