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Is it appropriate to add the quote below to this article?

On German Wikiquote, they seem to merge apes and monkeys (cf. de:Affe); it seems to me have a some sense since those two groups seem to be frequently confused in literature and ordinary conversation. --Aphaia 07:22, 16 May 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Though theme articles do not normally have sections, as I was unstubbing this article I came to think that this should be an exception, for a few reasons. The first section covers general quotes about the subject(s)—generic ones from literature, music, etc., and the pictures fit well with that section. The second section is proverbs; I split the section because there are so many proverbs with respect to this subject and their formatting and sourcing is significantly different, thus, aesthetically, they sit better on their own—especially considering the (very luckily / coincidentally found) images which border the section, a tall/slender Japanese image of a monkey slipping from a tree for the Japanese proverb about monkeys falling, and a tall/slender Chinese image of monkeys for the Chinese proverb. This section should thus stand alone in terms of aesthetic balance, as proverbs are really quite different from the quotes in the general section. Placing the proverbs in the general section almost makes them look like visual "speed-bumps" because of their layout. The final section I added ("Simians and mankind") because the majority of quotes were not actually on the subject, but rather they used the subject to make a point about humans (I'll admit some of the quotes in "general" also do this, but to a different end / extent) or their relation to humans. I thought of this section as analogical to the sections in personal articles which are quotes about the person, rather than by. Furthermore, the visual (and contextual) weight of the quotes in the final section is vastly different than the first two sections, and, in my opinion, to a person looking for quotes on "monkeys" per se this, in terms of probability, would be the last thing they were looking for. No pictures could appropriately border the final section without appearing somewhat POV with respect to evolution, etc.

Peace and Passion ("I'm listening....") 19:40, 14 August 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]
PS On a quick read through the section "Simians and mankind" you'll quickly see the significant and fundamental contextual difference.