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Wikiquote no longer allows unsourced quotations, and they are in process of being removed from our pages (see Wikiquote:Limits on quotations#General); but if you can provide a reliable and precise source for any quote from this list please move it to Sri Aurobindo. --Antiquary 19:38, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

  • He who chooses the infinite has been chosen by the infinite.
  • Let the divine doors swing wide open for him who is not attached, who increases in himself the Truth.
  • Life is life — whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage.
  • The Gita is the greatest gospel of spiritual works ever yet given to the race.
  • The fly that touches honey cannot use it's wings; so too the soul that clings to spiritual sweetness ruins it's freedom and hinders contemplation.
  • The people of India, even the "ignorant masses" are by centuries of training are nearer to the inner realities, than even the cultured elite anywhere else.
  • All problems of existence are essentially a problem of harmony.