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  • Greatest swimmers always put their attention on improving their time and not on reaching other athletes. And in the end, that's the matter, once you've done the time, you've no more someone to beat.
  • Our enemy - not the guy next to us, but the clock.
  • When I retire I will swim against Micheal Phelps and beat him.
  • In good days, no one can beat me, in bad days, no one can beat me.
  • I think 95% of results is due to the athlete, due to his psyco-fisiological maturity, and 5% to coach, but this 5% matters a lot. The coach and the athlete are like a strong box (athlete) and his password (coach). Without the other, the first cannot reach his purpose
  • In the training of a champion, the coach matters the 5%, but that 5% for the athlete is the difference between the 20th and the podium.