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Quality Qualifiers[edit]

Coat of Arms of Niels Bohr.svg
Opposites Are Complementary
~ Motto of Niels Bohr ~

Some subjects are so serious that one can only joke about them.
~ Niels Bohr ~

How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.
~ Niels Bohr ~

On such an apparently absurd and silly subject as this, I am much inclined to make use of many words in many relatively silly and serious ways, but I am too busy to spend much time here today. I wish to earnestly joke as much as I can, within a very limited time, about VERY serious and peculiar and funny subjects. I believe that I actually KNOW far more than most that my own and other's options are far more limited than I wish they were, and I ever and always seek to express indications of what I know or believe in ways I can know or believe will be beneficial to others.

Trivialism is generally acknowledged as a stance worthy of trivialization, and I do not seek to deny this, but rebuke those who would denigrate it as useless or entirely detrimental. That it certainly is not, and I have already indicated to the creator of the page that while I am delighted and grateful for the addition, as one that I recognize can be very useful, educational, as well as amusing in coming months, I recognize that there are MANY potential dangers in the stance, even as I recognize that there are dangers in my own and many other people's more broad ranging embraces of humble absurdism and other ranges of idealistic and skeptical ideas as a means of opposing many forms of cynical conniving towards arrogant authoritarianism, naïve nihilism, and tyrannical terrorism.

As I believe should be plainly asserted, I, like most familiar with it, do not consider the stance of Trivialism an entirely safe one, though it can be an extraordinarily delightful and even, surprisingly to many, a relatively stable one, despite or actually because of many people's false assumptions.

I believe that to be viably manifest at all THIS or ANY philosophical stance MUST be tempered with balancing aspects of VERY diverse and strong ranges of awareness and appreciation which I know most people would NOT be immediately or strongly familiar with. I will endeavor to provide some indications of such necessary things in coming weeks, but as I have noted before, I am VERY busy at the present time, and probably will not be able to attend to this article to the extent I would wish to for at least a few days. I actually have typed much more than this, as possibly worthy of eventually presenting in regard to this subject, but refrain from presenting them for now, because I do not wish to get too many balls rolling at once, and though I might be checking in periodically, I remain too busy to do much here for at least a few days. ~ Kalki·· 13:13, 10 June 2014 (UTC)