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To be translated into English:

  • 2009记者会,温家宝回答中央社提问时說,「我想到阿里山,想到日月潭,走不动就是爬,我也愿意去。Arilang1234 20:54, 13 March 2010 (UTC)Reply
  • 温家宝总理在回答网友提问时表示, “一个三鹿奶粉,我们付出了很大的代价,网民们大概不知道。我们普查了受到奶粉影响的儿童达到3000万,国家花了20亿。同时,给受到奶粉影响的儿童上了保险,为期20年。”


  • 方有难 八方支援
    • Translation: When one corner of the world is in trouble, the whole world comes to help.
  • 我一直认为群众有权力知道政府在想什么、做什么,并且对政府的政策提出批评意见,政府也需要问政于民、问计于民,推进政务公开和决策的民主化。
    • Translation: I always thought that people have the right to know what government is planning, and what government is currently working on; and people should have critical opinions towards government policy; government should also listen to the people, and accept suggestions from the people, and improve transparency of policy, and have democracy in government policy making.
  • 我还是想借这个机会,先要感谢农民工兄弟姐妹们,你们为中国的建设,贡献了很大的力量,许多工厂、矿山,一些繁重的岗位,你们常年坚守在那里,城市的高楼大厦是你们盖的,最重、最脏、最累、最危险的活是你们干的。
    • Translation: I like to take the opportunity, to say thanks to peasants-migrant-workers, who are like our brothers and sisters, who have contributed immensely towards the reconstruction of China; years after years, you work in factories, mines; all those high-rise buildings were built by you; you take in all those most heavy, most dirty, most tiresome, and most dangerous jobs.