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Only when the masses are reassured, can the country be at peace. Only when the country is at peace, can the leaders be relieved.

Wen Jiabao (Simplified Chinese: 温家宝; 15 September 1942 - ) is a Chinese politician who was the Premier of the People's Republic of China from 2003 to 2013.


  • 大家都说,每个人都应该有自己的梦想。我想我也有个自己的梦想,或者说是愿望,就是希望每个中国人都能生活得好,让农村的孩子都能上学,让每个到就业年龄的人都能有工作。让人民不至于因为生病而烦恼,解决他们的医疗,特别是农村的医疗问题。我想,这也是每个中国人的梦。
    • The people agree that everyone should have his own visions. I, too, have visions, or wishes. I wish that every Chinese citizen can live a life of satisfaction, every peasant child can go to school and every person reaching a working age can have a job. I wish people wouldn't have to worry about medical care if they are sick, particularly those in rural areas. I believe that this is the dream of every Chinese person.
    • Wen Jiabao (2004) cited in: South China Morning Post, 7 May 2004.
  • China has established friendship with many African countries, and is opening itself up to Africa and providing assistance. It is cooperating with African countries on an equal basis and has no desire to colonize Africa.
  • Sino-Japanese relations will certainly brighten more in the future and the flowers of friendly Sino-Japanese relations will increase their beauty.
  • Only when the masses are reassured, can the country be at peace. Only when the country is at peace, can the leaders be relieved.
  • 我就一句话,是人民在养你们,你们自己看着办。
    • Translation: I only have one sentence to say: it is the people who kept you fed, so do as you see fit.
    • Wen Jiabao (2008) cited in: "In Chinese:军队行动迟缓 温家宝怒摔电话". Renminbao.com. 16 May 2008. 
    • During 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, Wen's angry reply to the PLA rescue team about their delays before they boarded the rescue plane:
  • I can also tell you on the Internet in China, you can have access to a lot of postings that are quite critical about the government. It is exactly through reading these critical opinions on the Internet that we try to locate problems and further improve our work. I don't think a system or a government should fear critical opinions or views. Only by heeding those critical views would it be possible for us to further improve our work and make further progress. I frequently browse the Internet to learn about a situation.
  • 創造條件讓人民批評政府,監督政府,同時充分發揮新聞輿論的監督作用,讓權力在陽光下運行。
    • Create the conditions for people to criticize the Government, to monitor the government, and at the same time to give full play to the supervisory role of the news media, so that the power to run under sunshine.(
    • Wen Jiabao (2010) cited in: Government Work Report, National People's Congress cited in "如何「讓權力在陽光下運行」". BBC. 28 September 2008. 
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