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  • The day has passed when armies on the ground or navies on the sea can be the arbiter of a nation's destiny in war. The main power of defense and the power of initiative against an enemy has passed to the air.
  • Any one of them could have been me. Millions of men came to fight in this war and I find it incredible that I am the only one left.
    • Harry Patch, last surviving veteran to have fought in the trenches of the First World War. Commenting on graves at a Flanders war cemetery, July 2007
  • The German I shot was a fine looking man...I did feel sorry, but it was my life or his
    • British Soldier Jack Sweeny (1916)
  • Yesterday I visited the battlefield of last year. The place was scarcely recognisable. Instead of a wilderness of ground torn up by shell, the ground was a garden of wild flowers and tall grasses. Most remarkable of all was the appearance of many thousands of white butterflies which fluttered around. It was as if the souls of the dead soldiers had come to haunt the spot where so many fell. It was eerie to see them. And the silence! It was so still that I could almost hear the beat of the butterflies' wings.
    • A British officer, 1919.
  • Soldiers! Heroes! The supreme command has erased our regiment from its records. Our regiment has been sacrificed for the honor of Belgrade and the Fatherland. Therefore, you no longer have to worry for your lives - they do not exist anymore. So, forward to glory! For King and Homeland! Long live the king! Long live Belgrade!
  • In war there are three courses of action open to the enemy, and he usually chooses the fourth.
    • General Helmuth von Moltke'.
  • We will support Britain to the last man and the last shilling.
    • Andrew Fisher, Australian Prime Minister at the outbreak of the war.
  • We are fighting against the best organized community in the world, the best organized whether for war or for peace. And we have been employing too much the haphazard go-as-you-please methods which believe me, would not have been enabled us to maintain our place as a nation even in peace much longer. The nation now needs all the machinery that is capable of being used for turning out munitions or equipment, all the skill that is available for that purpose, all the industry, all the labour and all the strength, power and resource of everyone to the utmost.