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Thank you for being SOOO not biased

Biased which way?


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  • They want to murder, captive, or chase me, but I say I ‘m martyred, martyred, martyred.
  • It’s the Unstinting folk I’m talking about who advocates his holies, holy land from the ocean to the gulf, defending his freemen and honors in the world.
  • Betrayer is used to be Who abandons the holy sand of Jerusalem.
  • Jerusalem is Palestine Foreverness capital and the one who objects that saying, just go to hell.
  • This is an Unstinting folk Genuflects to Allah only where praying.
  • We are looking for one big Arab state from Morocco to Eden.
    • unidentified video interview, Beirut (July 1982)


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  • All religious wars are about people arguing over who has the biggest invisible friend.