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On the following website dedicated to Yuri Gagarin (in Russian) is the full stenogramm of his conversations with Earth: There is no quotes about the God. So, I moved that quote to the "Attributed" section. Cmapm 03:26, 17 Dec 2004 (UTC)

But why "poehali" (let's go) is "attributed"? It is heard pretty well, isn't it?
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I also read that Gagarin did not say that he had not seen God. And this phrase was arrogated to him afterwards. On the contrary he was rather religious and he even suggested rebuilding the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour when he was appearing on the Central Committee plenary.

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  • Can anyone find the Russian version of the quote were he says "I am a Soviet like you and I need to find a telephone to call Moscow"? On a related note, the Russian wikiquote page for this guy is so sparse, it needs to be juiced up a bit. If we can find some of these quotes on the English wiki in their original Russian, that would really help out.
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"I see no God" attribution[edit]

  • I see no God up here.
    • This has been reported as a remark Gagarin made while in orbit aboard Vostok 1, but there is no indication of it in the official transcripts of his communications. It is similar to the above statements he reportedly made after his return to earth, which might have given rise to this account.

The cosmonaut who allegedly said he did not see God, was probably German Titov - second Russian in space, who flew aboard Vostok 2. He was Gagarin's backup, and launched Aug. 6, 1961 and orbited Earth 17 times i.e. a whole day.

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I moved the above discussion of this remark here. Titov may have said such things, but I know of no attributions of this to him, and there have been attirbutions of such comments to Gagarin, though thus far it seems that they are generally fallacious. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 04:37, 28 January 2011 (UTC)

Cant give the source now, but I read on some page it was Krushtchev, who said "Yuri Gagarin flew into space and saw no god there" which was a spring point for the false attribution of a non-existent quote to Yuri. Godai (talk) 09:25, 28 September 2012 (UTC)