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Dear Zack,

    Please let your music do some talking. You were getting to more people when you were in a band. It is a shame you have chosen to silence yourself. Please spread 

your views to the masses. You were right when you said a little discomfort within a band is a small price to pay to voice your views. Stand back up. I would be happy to join anything to support you.

I agree[edit]

Yeah, definitely. Not only does everyone miss Zack and also Rage, but look at the state the world is still in. With the Iraq war going on longer than WWII and global warming destroying completely everything while George W. Bush dismisses the facts, what better time than now? We should find a way to get Zack back. Seriously. We could make a community on the internet large enough for Zack to notice, and maybe then we might get somewhere. It's just a thought.

After hearing about Zack helping out with the South Central Farmers and the Hurricane Katrina disaster, it was a massive relief to hear he's 'still doing his bit'. Zack definetely needs to hijack the mainstream again.

yeah i agree i think that zack definitely needs to come back with rage!

Very colorful guy, sure our politics may correlate, except for my firm belief that humanity is way too dumb to survive.

never heard of him, I was just here fixing some obvious spelling mistakes for prior interlocuters.

Rage is back!

This guy is as annoying as annoying gets. Way overrated. Don't like it when they mix politics with music - it really has no place - people aren't interested in it. The only people who get into political music are emo white folks.

- Fuck you. - Renegade Rabbit

Don't you spell it 'interlocutors'[edit]

I don't mean to insult you, but maybe you shouldn't spend your life correcting spellings. Politics affects everyone on the planet, even other animals. If you think the human race is dumb, then I suppose you're just pesimistic. There have never been such obvious inequalities in the world, and to dismiss them like that is just ignorant. If you have read the quotes on this page, you might remember this one:

"You're part of the solution or you're part of the fucking problem."


Does anybody else think that it is ironic that at the top of the page is a message saying "Please review Wikiquote:Templates, to determine how to edit this article to conform to the current standard."


Live Shows: Rage Against The Machine[edit]

  • This next song goes out to those who still believe that there is an american dream. And still believe that within that dream there is something called freedom. It is time to fucking wake up, and begin to truly think for ourselves, and find new sources of information... otherwise - things like what's happening in the persian gulf will continue. They will be able to make decisions for you, unless you fucking wake up, and take that vail of complacence from your eyes, and fucking begin to remove the bullet from your head."
  • Just for your personal attention, we would announce, and make very clear, that the U.S. government is starting another Vietnam in southern Mexico. We would like to make this very clear to you, because we believe, we strongly believe that the media in the U.S. is blocking it from your attention. What they're attempting to do, is prevent you, from getting involved here, to prevent the death of millions of indigenous people who took up arms, against the 65 year old dictatorship: the P.R.I. And at this moment in time, millions of indigenous people are being chased into the hillsides, by armies fueled, and funded by the U.S. government. By the Clinton administration, by William Perry, and all them fuckin' pigs up in Washington. And we fell that it's important that we all know that and understand that, and that our action can stop it. So are you standin' in line? You believin' the lies? You bowin' down to this flag? You gotta bullet in your head?...."
  • When I say no more lies...I'm telling you that we're not hear to celebrate this lie that is Christmas. With images of Santa, this prosperous white man, bringing presents and good hope to the communities of our countries is a fat lie. And is one installed only to legitimize the falsehood which is white supremecy. So no more more lies..."
  • For hundreds of years America has sent people into the fuckin Middle East in the name of freedom, in the name of democracy and have murdered innocent women and children to rape, conquer and divide them of there resources. Today the situation still stands and people are still being murdered in the name of freedom. Wake up to your powers as an individual and speak out and act against fucking imperialistic actions like this.
  • I've got to expose hypocrisy in my own self. The conciousness of my own self, before I ever stand up and speak for other individuals who are trying to be the same.
  • And there were men in this country who gave us the power to think critically again. There were men in this country who rose up and lifted there minds out of the choices and lifted there minds up and showed all of us that we are individuals who can use our mind and our spirit to fight a hypocritical and brutal system.used in spirit to speak to all of us regardless of color, regardless of up bringing, and regardless of class and showed us all that this is a country that for 500 years has murdered, and enslaved, and stolen our land, and kept us from seeing ourselves as who we truly are.
  • It seems as soon as the wall of Germany fell, the US government was busy building one between the border between the US and Mexico. Since 1986 as result of a lot of the hate talk and hysteria that the the government of the United States has been speaking, 1500 bodies have been found on the border. We wrote this song in response to it. Its called Without a Face."
  • "Check it out, check it out. Apparently just before this concert, there was some friends of ours in an organization called "The Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal". And somebody that came out here to pass out some information were sweated for wearing this very t-shirt right here (Zack points to his shirt and it has a picture of Mumia in cuffs and it say's "Free Mumia Abu-Jamal" underneath it). Now apparently it wasn't one of the promoters, and it wasn't some security guard, and I'm not going to make any assumptions but we're not nieve enough to think that there aren't members of the intelligence community right here in this fucking crowd who wanna prevent you from understanding why Mumia Abu-Jamal should be free. So let this be a message to you mister whoever the fuck you are and whoever they think they are. You're not going to intimidate us, and your not going to intimidate anyone in here from becoming a part of the movement to free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Yes. So in the back over here there's a table setup, and any of you can go over there and pick up as much information as you want. You should really check that shit out. Please do."
  • We've got to regain knowledge again, and we've got to regain an understanding again, of who we are. Not just those chosen to fuel systems, but individuals who have the power to criticize and analyze, and attack injustice when it becomes prevalent and apparent in front of our faces like it is in ours right now. We've been all put to sleep. Put to sleep to a system. A system that continues to perpetrate ignorance amongst our spirit and amongst our minds. One that wants you not to act. A system that would rather see all of you at that bar drinking beer filling your minds being put to sleep with beer or with drugs rather than acting against it and fighting a system which has been perpetrating imperialist lies and other fucking bullshit for five hundred years. So fuckin drink up or fuckin wake up. Your part of the solution or your part of the fuckin problem. I am sick and tired of my own complacence in my life and I know I'm fuckin sick of yours. So wake up and stop fuckin sleeping. Wake Up."
  • We don't support any kind of killers, especially not killer cops."
  • For mister Bob Grant, you racist mother fucker. For the censors of Saturday Night Live. We gotta shut down the programs of Vietnow"

"He has the nerve to call us violent when last year there were 80,000 cases of police brutality filed against departments all over the country this sheriff pig is poppin' off, poppin'off about how we're violent. Well, shit, he belongs to the most violent gang in US history."