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John Kerry quote.[edit]

Does anyone have an exact source for the August 30th quote given here? It seems a bit strangely worded, and a similar phrase repeated in the Sept 1 keynote address, which I will post. Oswald Glinkmeyer 14:58, 27 December 2006 (UTC)

The list of major Speeches from the 2004 Republican Convention at indicates that Miller was not one of the primary speakers on 30th August. If no one has a better source, I'm thinking it may be a mis-quote of the September 1st speech. Oswald Glinkmeyer 15:09, 27 December 2006 (UTC)

I've removed the quote "If John Kerry elects as President of United States,He will let Paris decide whether or not we must go to war.--Republican National Convention, August 30, 2004" as it appears as though it may be an unsourced misquote of the September 1st quote. If this could be better documented, I would like to see it put back in the article. Oswald Glinkmeyer 04:02, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

Deficit of Decency speech[edit]

I've been looking all over from the famous speech he gave from the Senate floor (which inspired the title of his recent book). So far, I keep coming up empty (most results like to Miller's senate page, which no longer exists).

I was hoping to find quotes from the speech here, but no luck. Certainly such quotes would fit in well on this if I ever do find a transcript, I'll be sure to add a couple choice quotes.


  • We can't all be born rich, handsome, and lucky; and that's why we have a Democratic Party.
  • I've never seen a poor man who gave a rich man a job but I've seen plenty of rich men that gave poor men jobs.
  • My job tonight is an easy one: to present to you one of this nation's authentic heroes, one of this party's best-known and greatest leaders – and a good friend. …In his 16 years in the Senate, John Kerry has fought against government waste and worked hard to bring some accountability to Washington. Early in his Senate career in 1986, John signed on to the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Bill, and he fought for balanced budgets before it was considered politically correct for Democrats to do so. John has worked to strengthen our military, reform public education, boost the economy and protect the environment.
  • I found a den of copperheads under my porch and I found the nearest hoe and killed them all. Those copperheads were threatening my home and my family and that's just what we need to do to the terrorists... just like those copperheads I'd just cut their heads off and kill them, dead. Just like that.