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  • You should have told him (Jewison) to get Topol's son!
    • To his actor-son Josh Mostel, who had been cast in Jesus Christ Superstar by co-writer/director Norman Jewison; Jewison had previously replaced the embittered Zero with Topol, for his movie Fiddler On the Roof.
  • With kikes like you on the loose, who needs Hitler?
  • Romanian-Jewish cooking has killed more Jews than Hitler.
  • Humor is a sense of proportion and a power of seeing yourself from the outside.
  • The freedom of any society varies proportionately with the volume of its laughter.
  • Comedy is rebellion against that kind of piety which we may call the False Piety...against hypocrisy, against pretense, against falsehood and humbug and bunk and fraud, against false promises and base deceivers...against all evils masquerading as true and good and worthy of respect.