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Tekken is a series of fighting games developed and produced by Namco, and consists of the games, Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Tekken 7, a number of non-fighting spin-off titles, and one feature length animation.


  • Your strength mirrors a child's beguilement.
  • "Ware ni idomu ka?!" You challenge me!?
  • "Minohodoshirazu-me." You can't even understand your own power.
  • "Jakusha-shi subeshi!" Weaklings should perish.
  • "Kakugo wa yoi ka!" Prepare yourself! (during Raging Demon activation)
  • "Isshun sengeki!" Die 1,000 deaths! (when Raging Demon hits)
  • Metsu! (if Raging Demon doesn't do a KO)
  • Messatsu! (kiai; also said if Raging Demon does a KO)
  • "Ware wa, ken wo kiwameshi mono nari." These fists know no equal. Literal translation: "I am the Master of the Fist."
  • "Ware wa, ken wo kiwameshi mono. Unura no muryoku-sa, sono karada de shirei!" These fists know no equal. You are powerless against me! Literal translation: "I am the Master of the Fist. Show me how weak you are with your body!"
  • This, too, is destiny.
  • "Mono tarinu wa." Still weak.
  • "Jakusha hitsu metsu!" The weak invite destruction!
  • "Unuga shira, misete miyo!" Welcome to your doom!
  • Hell awaits you!
  • (after defeating Heihachi) You disappoint me.
  • Then you have chosen your place to die, Kazuya Mishima.
  • Kazumi once saved my life. That is all you need to know. Now it is time to repay my debt.
  • "Amai wa!" Pointless!
  • "Sore ga unu no shin no chikara ka. Omoshiroi, kokoroyukumade-shi aou zo." So this is your true power. A fight to the death? I shall enjoy this.
  • "Dajaku nari!" Lazy worm!
  • "Mada owaranu. Unu no inochi, hateru made." I will not rest until your demise.
  • "Ware wa koko ni kiwamareri." My power is absolute.
  • (after his unstoppable Rage Art is countered by Devil Kazuya's Rage Art) "Ware ga motomuru wa shura no ikkoku." I only seek the blood of battle.
  • "Sono inochi, to shite miseyo!" Come at me like your life depends on it!
  • "Unu mo sono chikara o motte iru no ka." So you possess that power too? (if against Jin/Devil Jin)
  • "Kokoroyuku made shia ou zo." A battle to the death... (if against Heihachi/Kazuya)
  • "Muda da!" No use! (ki charge)
  • "Masaka ai mieru koto ni narou to wa." I would have never expected to see you again. (if against Kazumi)
  • Shakunetsu! (Shakunetsu Hadoken/EX Shakunetsu Hadoken/Shakunetsu Messho)
  • Shine! (Gokumonkai)
  • Tatsumaki Zankukyaku! (EX Tatsumaki Zankukyaku)
  • Gohado! (EX Gohadoken)
  • Goshoryu! (EX Goshoryuken in Seasons 1-3)
  • Messatsu Goshoryu! (EX Goshoryuken on counter hit in Seasons 1-3/EX Goshoryuken in Season 4)
  • Messatsu Gohado! (during Super Combo activation)

Alisa Bosconovitch[edit]

  • Arisa desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. (I’m Alisa, nice to meet you.) - Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Arisa desu. Shindekudasai. (Hi, I'm Alisa. Now you must die.) - Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Tekken 7
  • Gomennasai. Mou ikanai to. (Sorry. I must get going.) [flies away] - Tekken 6
  • Gomennasai. Mata ai mashou. (Sorry. See you next week!) [flies away] - Tekken 6
  • Soko wo doitte kudasai. (Please get out of my way.) - Tekken 6 and Tekken 7
  • Kega wo sasetaku arimasen... (I do not want to hurt you...) - Tekken 6
  • Watashi, tatakawanakereba ikenaino deshou ka? (Must we really fight?) - Tekken 6
  • Daijoubu ke? (Are you injured?) - Tekken 6
  • Daijoubu desu ka? (Are you alright?) - Tekken 6
  • Nashite watashi, konna ni tsuyoi no (I don't understand… Why am I so powerful? or Wow, I'm pretty strong!) - Tekken 6 and Tekken 7
  • Jitsu wa watashi, tsuyokattandesu (I am much stronger than I look. or I'm actually pretty strong.) - Tekken 6 and Tekken 7
  • Tanoshikatta desu♪ (That was entertaining. or That was fun.) - Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Tekken 7
  • Dō natte mo shirimasen yo. (It is not my fault if you get hurt.) - Tekken 6
  • Tatakawanakereba ikenai no ke? (Do we really have to do this?) - Tekken 6 and Tekken 7
  • Ikimasu! (Ready?) - Tekken 7 (during Buzzsaw Cannon activation)
  • Shine! (Die!) - Tekken 7 (when Buzzsaw Cannon hits)
  • Haijo shimasu. (Eradicating target.) - Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign) and Tekken 7 (intro pose)


Anna Williams[edit]

  • Come over here. Let me talk to ya real close. -Tekken 5
  • Oh, yes. - Tekken 3 & Tekken 5
  • Such a lovely face... - Tekken 5
  • My pleasure. - Tekken 5
  • I don't have time to play games with you. - Tekken 5
  • What an utter disappointment. - Tekken 5
  • You bitch! Ergh! Ergh! - Tekken 5
  • Oooh, baby! - Tekken 3
  • At least make this fun. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Try showing me a good time. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7
  • Don't test me... Step aside! - Tekken 7
  • I'll tear you to pieces... Nina! - Tekken 7 (against Nina)
  • Time for some fun. - Tekken 7 (Bazooka Annihilation activation)
  • Open wide. - Tekken 7 (during the final hit of Bazooka Annihilation)
  • Goodbye, my little pet. Well done. - Tekken 7
  • Such a rush! - Tekken 7

Armor King[edit]

  • "RAAWR" - Tekken 6
  • "We're headed to the top!" - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "I'm your one-way ticket to hell!" - Tekken 7 (against Marduk)
  • "You're no match for me!" - Tekken 7

Asuka Kazama[edit]

  • "Atattara itai de!" You're gonna get hurt! - Tekken 5
  • Come and get me! - Tekken 5
  • Let's get this over with. - Tekken 5
  • You're sure? You're sure you wanna fight me? - Tekken 5
  • Tekagen irande. - Tekken 5
    • Translation: Don't hold anything back.
  • "Mikake taoshi ya na." You're all show. - Tekken 5
  • "Anta yowai wa." Man, you're weak. - Tekken 5
  • Come on! Next! - Tekken 5
  • "Kyou wa kongurai de yurushita wa." That's the lesson for today. - Tekken 5
  • You asked for it! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Kyou koso ketchaku tsuke taru!" Let's settle this once and for all! - Tekken 7 (Character Episode - against Lili)
  • Shibaitaru! (kiai)
    • Translation: I got something for you! (- Tekken 7 (Heron Windup Activation))
  • "Boke!" Idiot! (Hunter's Trap/Swallow Vortex/Azalea Kick Parry/Ultimate Tackle/Momentum Smasher)


  • I am Azazel, Rectifier of All Things.
  • Yes. Mankind bound me, thinking they could escape subjugation. Willfully and selfishly, they have reduced the world to tatters! Now the sinners must atone.
  • Why do you all struggle? It is your destiny.
  • It is precisely that arrogance that brought you to this.
  • No matter how much you resist, you cannot defy fate.
  • The punishment for your sins will now begin.
  • I exist in a higher plane than your earthly laws. Now no one can stop me.
  • Fool! You will destroy yourself as well! (last words, to Jin Kazama)
  • And you, my shadow have done well! (versus Devil Jin)

Baek Doo San[edit]

  • Are you ready? -Tekken 5
  • That was a good match. - Tekken 5
  • Go back and practice. - Tekken 5
  • Why don't you try taking up Tae Kwon Do? - Tekken 5
  • I won't let you down. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Face me. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Robert "Bob" Richards[edit]

  • I hope you're ready.
  • It's all or nothing.
  • I've been waiting for this day.
  • Now. Let the show begin.
  • You look like fun.
  • I will attain perfection.
  • I'm still not there yet.
  • Not bad. I'll fight you anytime.
  • Speed and weight!

Slim Bob[edit]

  • I'm practically skin and bones.
  • I can take you on any which way!

Doctor Bosconovitch[edit]

  • Бойся могущества науки. "Boisya maguschestva nauki" (Tremble before the might of science.) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Могу я чем-то помочь? "Magu ya chem ta pamoch" (Can I help you with something?) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Эврика! Думаю - получилось! "Evrika! Dumayu - poluchilos'!" (Eureka! I found it!) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Bruce Irvin[edit]

  • I'm your worst nightmare. -Tekken 5
  • You're going down. -Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Bryan Fury[edit]

  • [psychotic laughter]
  • Come on! -Tekken 4 onwards
  • Mwahahahahahahaha! Die! - Tekken 4

Claudio Serafino[edit]

All of these quotes are spoken in Italian.

  • "Non c'è spazio per i dilettanti." Translation: There's no space for rookies!
  • "Niente di più facile." Translation: Nothing easier than that!
  • "Non farmi perdere tempo. Vattene." Translation: Don't waste my time, go away!
  • "Il mio potere!" Translation: (behold) My power! (during Spectral Arrow activation)
  • "Che la luce di Sirio disperda le tenebre." Translation: May the light of Sirio dissipate the darkness.
  • "Niente male." Translation: Not bad!
  • "Forse ho esagerato..." Translation: Maybe i exaggerated...
  • "Sarà un piacere, combattere contro di te." Translation: It will be a pleasure, to fight against you! (during Character Episode - vs. Xiaoyu)
  • "Osserva!" Translation: Observe! (Starburst activation)

Christie Monteiro[edit]

  • "Pegue leve comigo!" Go easy on me! - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5
  • "Lá vamos nós!" Here we go! - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5
  • "Eddy, por que não consegue entender?" Eddy, why won't you understand? - Tekken 5
  • "Ei, você se machucou?" Hey, did you hurt yourself? - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5
  • "Boa noite!" Good night! - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5
  • "Avô..." Grandpa... - Tekken 6
  • "Vamos acabar logo com isso." Ready when you are. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Literal translation: "Let's finish this quickly."

  • "Vamos nos divertir." Let's have some fun. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Não vou pegar leve." I won't go easy on you. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Craig Marduk[edit]

  • Get your cameras ready folks. This ain't gonna last long. - Tekken 5
  • I'll break your face! - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5
  • Name's Marduk... Don't you forget it! - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5
  • I'm number one! I'm number one! - Tekken 5 and Tekken 7
    • In Tekken 7, this quote now reads "I'm number 1! I'm number 1!".
  • Don't waste my time! - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5
  • Don't lie to me! I killed him with my own hands! - Tekken 6
  • You won't be able to walk after this. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Nothing I can't handle alone. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • I'm gonna bury you. - Tekken 7
  • I'm gonna rip that mask off your bruised face! - Tekken 7 (against Armor King only)
  • Time for a nap. - Tekken 7
  • I will crush you! - Tekken 7 (during Slaughterhouse activation)

Devil Jin[edit]

  • Kyoufu wo oshiete yarou! (intro quote Tekken 5 onward)
    • Fear the wrath of God! - Tekken 5 (Namco translation)
    • Re-translated to "Fear my wrath." - in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    • I'll teach you the meaning of fear! - Tekken 5 and onward (Literal translation)
  • Matomete kurugaii! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Translation:I'll take you on all at once. - Come and fight me,y'all (Literal translation)
  • Dah! (Kiai)- Devil Jin when executing the Electric Wind Godfist, Demon Twister, Stonehead, Gekirin Reversal
  • Twoh! (Kiai) - Devil Jin when executing the Thunder Godfist, Soaring Kick, Devil's Piercer activation and last hit of Laser Rush
  • Nieh-Doh! (Kiai) Devil Jin executing the Screw Kick
  • Doye! (Kiai) Devil Jin executing the Last Rites

Sergei Dragunov[edit]

Eddy Gordo[edit]

  • Come on. - Tekken 5
  • "O que você quer?" What do you want? - Tekken 5
  • "Chegou a hora, vamos lá!" Get ready for this! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Vai ter que se ver comigo." You'll be dealing with me. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Vamos la! - Tekken 7

Translation: Come on! or Let's do this! (during Roundout Punishment Activation)

  • "Vamos acabar com isso agora!" Let's finish this! - Tekken 7 (when Roundout Punishment hits)
  • "Mestre..." Master... - Tekken 7
  • "Não pense que eu vou pegar leve com você." Don't think I'll go easy on you. - Tekken 7


  • Unrelenting night awaits.
  • You're in for punishment. (during Sphere of Darkness activation)
  • No escape! Let the darkness consume you! (when Sphere of Darkness hits)
  • I could use a drink.
  • I'll feed on you nice and slow later.
  • Time for breakfast. (VS. Claudio - only in Character Episode)
  • Dark Wave! (Dark Wave/Darkness Wave/Dazzling Wave/Grey Wave)
  • Stay still! (Tekken Revolution only, unused in Tekken 7)
  • Take that! (Dark Wave Chaos, EX Moon Glide/Dazzling Wave Chaos, EX Moon Glide)
  • You want more? (Dark Cannon Chaos/Jumping Dark Chaos)
  • How's this? (Dark Tempest Chaos)
  • It's curtains for you! (during Bloody Drive/Bloody Wave activation)


NOTE: All of these lines are spoken in Thai.

  • What are you fighting for?
  • That it?
  • Just die! (Axe Talon)
  • This is it! (Glowing Explosion activation)
  • You're history! (during Glowing Explosion hits)
  • Now what left?

Feng Wei[edit]

  • 来吧 "Laiba!" - Translation:Come on. - Tekken 5


  • Gotcha! - Tekken 5
  • Try to withstand my sumo might! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Dosukoi! (Rocket Palms/Sumo Charge/Embracing Claw/Earthquake/Giant Tackle/Chanko Combo/Triple Windmill Strikes/Kamikaze Kick/Pedal Press/Body Drop/Hip Roll/Jizo Hug/Midare Uchi/Ten Palm Slap)
  • "Iku de gowasu!" Here I come!
  • "Matta nashide gowasu!" It's now or never! - Tekken 7 (Tossed Squash activation)
  • "Gi o mou tte michi to nashi. Michi o mou tte onore to nase." I follow my own code and walk my own path. It is that path that makes me who I am. - Tekken 7 (during Tossed Squash)
  • "Kimatta de gowasu!" Victory is mine! (if Tossed Squash does a K.O.)
  • "Go ttsu a ndesu." Thanks.
  • That was one heck of a battle! And don't forget to subscribe! That's a wrap. I should practice for my next stream. The stream... is over. THE STREAM IS OVER! (only Reveal Trailer)

Geese Howard[edit]

  • Mishima. The world is too big for you to control. Leave it all to me. You can just die. (Reveal Trailer)
  • Bring it on! I'll destroy you all! (in Howard Estate stage)
  • Double Reppuu Ken!
  • Come on! This might be amusing.
  • Come on! The Mishima line ends here! (Vs. the Mishima characters)
  • Come on! The Kazama line ends here! (Vs. the Kazama characters)
  • Come on! Show me that power of yours! (Vs. Devil Jin, Akuma, Claudio, or Eliza)
  • Give in to your fears!
  • Stay down, maggot.
  • Know your place.
  • Reppuu Ken!
  • Shippu Ken!
  • Stand up! Die! (Raimei Gouha Nage)
  • Predictable! (Joudan Atemi in MAX mode)
  • Die ever! (after Fudo Kassatsu Uraken/after Kekkai-Geri, Fudo Kassatsu Uraken/Tenshukaku/Taunt; phrase change)
  • Jaei Ken!
  • Raigou Reppuu Ken!
  • Now die. (during Rashoumon activation)
  • Rashomon! (on final hit of Rashoumon)
  • You loser. (during Deadly Rave activation)
  • Deadly Rave! (on final hit of Deadly Rave)


Heihachi Mishima[edit]

  • Shinizokonai me... - Tekken 4

Translation: You self-deluded fool... (Literal translation: Why you didn't die?!...)

  • Oguyori Yoshimitsu!! - Tekken 4

Tranlation: Damn you!! (Literal translation: You Beatle Yoshimitsu!!)

  • Umarekawatte denaoshite koi!

Translation: Come back when you're ready to fight! - Tekken 4 onwards
(Literal translation: Try again in your next life.)

  • Kore de sukkiri shita wai. Tsugi!

Translation: That felt good. Next! - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and onwards

  • ワシは死なん...三島は不滅じゃ!" Washi wa shinan...Mishima wa fumetsu ja!"

Translation: Me, die? The Mishima are invincible!

  • Nanimono ja, kisama ra! - Tekken 5 intro when seeing the Jack-4s Translation: Who goes there? (Literal Translation: Who and what the hell are you, bastards?)
  • 「ワシは無敵じゃ!」 - Washi wa muteki ja!

Translation: Nobody can beat me! (Literal translation: I am invincible!)

  • Koko kara wa...kaereru to omou na. Jigoku e ochiro!

Translation: I'm just getting started... Don't think you'll be walking out of here. To the depths of hell with you!

  • Shine~i! = Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7 (kiai; also shouted when Rage Art hits)

Translation: Die!

  • Washi o taoseru to demo omotte oru no ka? = Tekken 7

Translation: You think you're tougher than me? Literal translation: You think you can beat me? (also if encountered in Treasure Battle Special Match as his final form)

  • What do you want, brat? = Tekken 7
  • So you came. = Tekken 7
  • Hajimeru to suru ka. = Tekken 7

Translation: Let's do this.

  • Kuchi hodo ni mo naiwa. = Tekken 7

Translation: You're not as tough as you talk.

  • I'll kill you!!!! (he tries to give Kazuya a deadly blow when he gains conscious furiously)
  • "Onore, Kazuya!" Damn you, Kazuya! - Tekken 5 and Tekken 7
  • "Hineri tsubu shite kureru wa!" I'll snap you like a twig. - Tekken 7
  • "Tatakai to wa, saigo ni dochira ga tatteiru ka. Soredake no koto." A fight is about who's left standing. Nothing else. - Tekken 7
  • "Kikanu wa!" That has no effect!/Pathetic! - Tekken 7
  • "Imaimashī debiru no chi yo." The internal blood of a devil! (if against Jin/Devil Jin/Kazuya)
  • Kazumi... (if against Kazumi)
  • "Hisashiburini chi ga tagiru wa!" I haven't felt this kind of excitement in my blood for quite sometime! (if against Akuma)
  • "Sono teido ka?" Is that it? - Tekken 7
  • "Washi to kisama ni totte wa fusawashī basho..." I thought it was apt. - Tekken 7
  • "Madamada!" Not yet! - Tekken 7
  • "Nurui wa!" Not good enough! - Tekken 7
  • "Ketchaku wo tsukeru to suru ka." Let's settle this. - Tekken 7
  • "Kore de owarija!" It all ends now! - Tekken 7
  • "Yuruse... KAZUMI!!!!!!" Forgive me... Kazumi! - Tekken 7
  • "Matte otta zo, sono sugata!" This is what I was waiting for. - Tekken 7
  • "Kisama no yabō mo kore de owarija!" Your delusions of grandeur end here! - Tekken 7
  • KAZUYA!!!!!!! (before the final round starts)
  • "Shine~i, Kazuya! Kisama no yabō mo kore de owarija!"


  • "Mada shinde oran ka" Still alive? (last words before his death)


  • Suryah! (Kiai) Tekken 4-Tekken 6 (Heihachi's kiai for the Thunder Godfist/Stonehead/Rajin Stance/Slice Kick/Jichinsai Kick/Deathpalm)
  • Churyah! (Kiai) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 onwards (Heihachi's kiai for the Electric Wind Godfist/Thunder Head/Spinning Stonehead/Demon Palms)
  • Hoalo! (Kiai) - Tekken 4-Tekken 6 (Heihachi's kiai for Punch, Gutpunch/Rashomon)
  • Urnet! (Kiai) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 onwards (Heihachi's kiai for the Thunder Head/Spinning Stonehead/Punch, Gutpunch/Monzenbarai/Wedge Cutting and Rashomon)
  • Sithe! (Kiai) Tekken 4 to Tekken 6 (Heihachi's kiai for the Dark Thrust/Altar Splitter)
  • Hashi! (Kiai) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 onwards (Heihachi's kiai for the Eishomon/Wind Slicer/Hammer Destiny)
  • Suryah! (Performs Demon Tile Splitter in win pose) (kiai) - Tekken 4-6


  • Come on! - Tekken 5
  • Yeah, yeah. Shut up already. - Tekken 5
  • That's it? That's all you've got? - Tekken 5
  • Don't you have any special moves or something? - Tekken 5
  • How's that? Not bad, huh? - Tekken 5
  • Not too fast, are you? - Tekken 5
  • One hit and you're done. Bring it! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • You're barely enough for a warm-up. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • I've finally found you! - Tekken 7
  • What's the point in beating up a monster like you? - Tekken 7

Jin Kazama[edit]

  • Kyoufu wo oshiete yarou! - Tekken 6

Literal translation: I'll teach you the meaning of fear! Translation: Fear the Wrath of God!

  • Kudaran. - Tekken 6

Translation: Pitiful. - Tekken 6

  • Kore ga genjitsu da.

Translation: This is reality. - Tekken 6 and Tekken 7

  • Buzama da na. - Tekken 6 and Tekken 7

Translation: You're a joke. Literal translation: This is awkward...

  • Koi. - Tekken 4 onwards

Translation: Come on. Literal translation: "Let's go." or "Come."

  • Yatsu ga matteiru... - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5

Translation: He's waiting for me... Literal Translation: He is waiting...

  • Jama suru na. - Tekken 4 onwards

Translation: Don't get in my way.

  • Yuruse. - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5

Translation: Forgive me.

  • Matteiru... - Tekken 4, Tekken 5, and Tekken 7

Translation: I'll get you... Literal translation: Wait for me...

  • "Mishima no chi wa ore ga tatsu." - Tekken 4 and Tekken 5

Translation: The Mishima bloodline ends here. Literal translation: I will end the Mishima bloodline!

  • Chikara koso subete da! - Tekken 6 and Tekken 7

Translation: Power is everything!

  • So. What you want? - Tekken 4
  • There's no reason to fight. - Tekken 4
  • Muda da. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Translation: Pointless.

  • Chesto! (kiai; shouted when performing Power Bodyhook/Corpse Thrust/Whiptoss Damager/17-Hook Flurry/Demon Pistons, Jumping Axle, Corpse Thrust)

Translation: Feel the fury! (Tekken 7; when 17-Hook Flurry hits)

  • Jikan no muda da. - Tekken 7

Translation: You're wasting my time. (if against Akuma/Kazumi or encountered in Treasure Battle Special Match) Literal translation: This is waste of time!

  • Ore wa subete owaraseru. - Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign) and Tekken 7

Translation: I will put an end to this. (if against Kazuya/Heihachi) Literal translation: "I will end all of it." or "Let's put an end to this! (Scenario Campaign)"

  • Dah! (kiai; shouted when performing either Electric Wind Hookfist/Straight Punches, Face Strike/Laser Rush/Shoulderlock Whiptoss/17-Hook Flurry)
  • Doyee! (kiai; shouted when performing either Swinging Fist Strikes/Dual Uppers/Demon Paw/Laser Scraper/17-Hook Flurry/Demon Pistons)

Jinpachi Mishima[edit]

  • Shine! - Tekken 5

Translation: Die!

  • Washi no na wa Mishima Jinpachi. Washi no ... Washi no mokuteki wa subete no hakai!

Translation: I am Jinpachi Mishima. My goal is... My goal is to destroy all existence! - Tekken 5 Literal translation: My name is Jinpachi Mishima. My...My purpose is to destroy everything!

  • "This... This was meant to be..." - Tekken 5
  • "Kisama no gu wo misete miro!" Let's see what you've got. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Chiriakuta na. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Translation: Insignificant worm.

  • "Kazuya yo..." Kazuya... (with Kazuya) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Ikuzo, tomo yo." Let's go, old friend. (with Wang) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Omae to kunu towa na? - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Translation: Why must I be paired by the likes of you? (with Heihachi)

Josie Rizal[edit]

  • Oh, gosh... I'm getting nervous...
  • Gotta focus!
  • I got this!
  • Get ready to fly! (during Aerial Beatdown activation)
  • Take this! You're finished! (when Aerial Beatdown hits)
  • I can't believe I won!
  • I'm still ready to fight!
  • Yeah! I did it!

Julia Chang / Jaycee[edit]

  • Spirits, give me strength. -Tekken 4 & 5
  • Ta! (kiai) - Tekken 5
  • Okay! - Tekken 4 & 5
  • Thank you, spirits. - Tekken 5
  • Your sacrifice won't be in vain. - Tekken 5
  • You're not ready to face me. - Tekken 5
  • Give me everything you've got! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Good luck to us both. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • No turning back. Stream is live! You ready? - Tekken 7 (Julia Chang Season 2 Reveal Trailer)
  • Stream is live! You ready? - Tekken 7
  • Here I come! Yeah! - Tekken 7
  • Okay, here goes. - Tekken 7
  • Here I come! (Twisting Arrow Cannon activation) - Tekken 7
  • Twisting Arrow Cannon! Get ready! Yeah! Thanks for watching! (during Twisting Arrow Cannon execution) - Tekken 7
  • Don't forget to subscribe! - Tekken 7
  • Stream's over. Whoops... See ya. - Tekken 7

Jun Kazama[edit]

  • "Don't do It! Please don't do it, you've already won!" (Tekken: Motion Picture)
  • "Ikiteita no desu ne." So, you survived. (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
  • "Unmei ni aragau no desu ka?" You dare defy fate? (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
  • "Chikara wo kanjimasu." I can sense a great power. (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
  • "Mairimasu." Get ready. (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
  • "Watashi no oshie... wasureta no desu ka?" Did you forget my teachings? (to Jin if paired together) (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Katarina Alves[edit]

  • Desculpa, mas você vai ter que morrer. (Tekken 7)

Translation: Sorry, but you're gonna have to die.

  • Vamos Lá. Eu vou chutar sua bunda até o inferno. (Tekken 7)

Translation: Come on. I'll kick your butt to hell and back.

  • Deixa eu te testar pra ver se você luta de verdade. (Tekken 7)

Translation: Let's see if you really know how to fight. Literal translation: Let me test you to see if you truly know how to fight.

  • Corre de volta pra sua mamãe! (Tekken 7)

Translation: Go run back to your mama!

  • Você está me dando sono! (Tekken 7)

Translation: You're putting me to sleep! Literal translation: You're making me drowsy!

  • Você tem técnica, mas não tem alma. (Tekken 7)

Translation: You've got the technique, but not the spirit.

  • Cai pra dentro, sua aberração!

Translation: Bring it on, freak! (against Gigas only in Character Episode)

  • Vem aqui! (Tekken 7; Lightning Foot Activation)

Translation: Bring it! Literal translation: Come here!

  • Morra! (Tekken 7; Lightning Foot On Hit; Kiai for Sunaipuni/Ekuripusu)

Translation: Die! (not shown in subtitles)

Kazumi Mishima[edit]

  • Honki deki de kudasai. Sana ato, shinimasuyo.

Translation: Give me everything you've got... Otherwise you'll die.

  • Shikata arimasen ne.

Translation: I suppose I have no choice.

  • Ai iranai unmei nanodesu.

Translation: I cannot accept this fate.

  • Yokibu wo omochi desu ne.

Translation: Your technique is impressive.

  • Iiko ne.

Translation: Such a good kitty.

  • "Kazuya, chikara ni mezamete shimatta no desu ne?" Kazuya, I see you've discovered your powers. (against Kazuya)
  • "Kisama wa izure sekai wo odokazu sonzai ni naru." You will one day become a threat to this world. (to Heihachi)
  • "Yue ni ima, shi wo ataeru no da!" Therefore, I must bring death upon you!
  • "Warera Hachijo ke wa, kisama no youna ningen wo kesu tame ni taiko kara sonzai shiteoru! Sono shimei wo ima hatasu." Hahaha! For millennia, we Hachijos have existed to destroy scum like you! I am here to fulfill my destiny.
  • Masaka! Anata mo... (to Devil Jin)

Translation: Impossible! You too...
In-game Translation: That power...

  • "Gouki-san." Akuma... (against Akuma)
  • "Heihachi-san!" Heihachi...! (against Heihachi)

Devil Kazumi[edit]

  • Yattsu daki ni shitekureru!

Translation: I'll grind your bones to dust!

  • Iiko ne.

Translation: Such a good kitty.

  • Bakana?

Translation: How can this be?

  • Shine, Heihachi!

Translation: Die, Heihachi!

Kazuya Mishima[edit]

  • Kisama ka. - Tekken 4 onwards

Translation: So it's you. (Literal Translation: YOU?!)

  • Omae ka. - Tekken 4 to Tekken 6

Translation: So, you've come. (Literal Translation: You...)

  • Kiero! - Tekken 4 to Tekken 6

Translation: Get lost! (Literal translation: Get out of my sight!)

  • Hanashi ni naran na. - Tekken 4 onwards Translation: Pathetic.
    • Literal translation: Not worth talking about.
  • Koko de shine! - (Used as win pose from T4 to Tekken 6, as intro against Jin/Devil Jin/Heihachi in T7)

Translation: Die!

Literal Translation: You're dead here!

  • Hmph! Kudaran. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7

Translation: Hmph! Pitiful. (TTT2, Intro quote as solo,T7, Against Akuma or encounter as Devil boss)

Literal translation: Hmpf! Foolish!

  • Masaka to wa omotta ga. - Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign) and Tekken 7 (if against Kazumi)

Translation :I don't believe it.

Literal translation: I thought this shouldn't happen!

Story Dialogue[edit]

  • Ore wa shinda hazu no ningen da. - Tekken 4 and Tekken 7

Translation: They all thought I was out of the game...

Literal translation: I am a man that's supposed to be dead...

  • Kirifuda wa kochira ni aru. - Tekken 4 and Tekken 7

Translation: But I'm holding all the cards now.

Literal translation: I hold the trump card now.

  • Subete wo torimodosu! / Kisama kara wa... subete wo torimodosu! - Tekken 4 and Tekken 7

Translation: I'll get everything back!/I'm going to get everything back!

Literal translation: From you... I'll get everything back!

  • Koko de shine! - Tekken 4 to Tekken 7

Translation: Die!

Literal Translation: You die here!

  • Kisama wo koko de owaraseru! - Tekken 7

Translation: It's time for you to meet your end!

Literal translation: I will put an end to you here!

  • You have the blood of a devil! - Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign)
  • Muda da!

Translation: Stand down! - Tekken 7

Literal translation: Useless!

  • So you finally came. Don't waste your time. You're no match for him. Show him to the roof. - Tekken 7
  • Hah! No, I've simply chosen your burial ground. Before I kill you, tell me how you know my mother. What are you? A relic of the Hachijo? - Tekken 7
  • Fine. Let's see what you're made of. Such strength...
  • "Kozakashī!" Impertinent fool! - Tekken 7
  • "Kisama... Daga, kore de owarida." You bastard... it's time to finish this. - Tekken 7
  • Kieusero! (Story mode against Akuma) Translation: Get out of my sight! - Tekken 7 Literal translation: Kiss my ass!
  • "Onore...FUZAKETA MANE O!" You bastard! YOU HAVE THE GALL TO ATTACK ME?! - Tekken 7
  • No matter. The last laugh shall be mine. - Tekken 7
  • Heihachi, you will never defeat me. - Tekken 7
  • "Shinibasho ni, koko o erabu to hana." Quite the location you've picked to die. - Tekken 7
  • "Subete o keshi satte yaru!"

Translation: I will destroy everything! - Tekken 7 (Literal translation: I will erase away everything!)

  • "Shibutoi ya tsume. Naraba..." Why don't you just die? That does it... - Tekken 7
  • "Onore, Heihachi..."

Translation: Damn you, Heihachi... - Tekken 7

  • "Tatakai to wa, saigo ni dochira ga tatteiru ka. Sore dake da."

Translation: A fight is about who's left standing. Nothing else./Fighting is all about who's left standing. Nothing else. - Tekken 7 (Literal translation: A fight is, the one who's left standing in the end. That's all there is.)

  • "Yahari ikiteta."

Translation: I didn't think you'd stay dead long. - Tekken 7 (Literal translation: You live as I thought.)


Translation: You are the one who will die. - Tekken 7 (You'll be the one dying!)

  • "Jigoku e okutte yaru!"

Translation: I'll send you straight to hell! - Tekken 7 (I will send you to hell!)


  • Doryah!/Dorya! (kiai) - Tekken 4 onwards (Kazuya's Kiai for the Electric Wind Godfist/Devil Transform/Gates of Hell/Devil Fist (Season 2)/Hammerhead Stonehead/Laser Slaughter)
  • Chien! (Kiai) - Tekken 4 onwards (Kazuya's Kiai for Kazuya Gutpunch/Fly-Around Back Laser/Engetsusen/Stonehead/Leaping Slash Kick/Devil's Rage/Wicked Darkness)
  • Hmph! (Kiai) - Tekken 4 onwards (Kazuya's Kiai for the Laser Slaughter/Yabuqun/Devil Pistons (Devil Form)/Devil Fist (Season 1)/Twin Stature Smash/Glory Demon Fist/Gut Slugger, Evil Pound/Gut Slugger, Roundhouse/Gut Slugger, Demon Thrust/Demon Gutpunch/Impaling Knee Thrust/Evil Pound/Black Devil String/Blazing Demon, Kidney Shot/Transform Back to Normal/Blazing Demon, Low Fire Kick/Jumping Kick, 2 Hell Sweeps, Roundhouse/Bitch Kicks/Steel Pedal Drop/Skull Smash/Gates of Hell)
  • Sethe! (Kiai) - Tekken 4 onwards (Kazuya's Kiai for the Devil Twister/Ground Laser/Back Midfist/Temple Cracker/Snapkick, Jab/Twist Low Backfist/Fujin Uraken/Skull Smash)


  • Ware wa kisama-ra ga "Debiru" to yobuu sonzai! Ni-juu nen-mae, kisama ni korosarekaketa toki ni bunrishita waga hanshin wo, koyatsu kara torimodosu. Ima koso waga fukkatsu no toki!

Translation: I am the being you mortals call "Devil"! 20 years ago, when I was nearly killed by you, my body half splitted into this guy and i'm taking it back from him. Now is the time for my resurrection.

  • Ahaha! Doushita? Kisama-ra no "kagaku" de, "Ware" wo kenkyū shi tsukushita node wa nai no ka?

Translation: Ahahah! What happened? Haven't you mortals studied all of ME with your "science"?

  • (To Jin) I am your father, Jin Kazama. Namco X Capcom
  • Debiru no chikara omoishiruga ī!! - Tekken 7

Translation: Feel the power of the devil himself! Literal translation: Behold the power of the Devil!

  • Shosen wa kuchi dake da. - Tekken 7
    • Translation: You're all talk.
  • Kirifuda wa kochira ni aru. - Tekken 7 (preparing to activate Rage Art) also Tekken 4
    • Translation: I'm holding all the cards now. Literal translation: I hold the trump card now!
  • Koko ga kisama no hakaba da! - Tekken 7 (during Rage Art Activation)
    • Translation: This will be your burial ground!
  • Owari da, shine! - Tekken 7
    • Translation: It's over! Die!
  • Uttoushi, damare! - Tekken 7
    • Translation: Be quiet, you pathetic fool! (or more so like "You're annoying, shut the fuck up already!")
  • Kudake chire! - Tekken 7
    • Translation: I will bury you!
  • Bakana! - Tekken 7
    • Translation: You can't be serious. Literal translation: Impossible!

King I / King II[edit]

  • Hold on Marduk! After I'm through here, you're next!
  • I'll rough them up good for you.

Kuma / Kuma II[edit]

  • (But why would I eat you though?) - Tekken 7

Kunimitsu / Kunimitsu II[edit]

  • Mairu! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Translation: Come, then.

  • Iza! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Translation: Prepare!

  • "Sateto... shigoto no jikandesu." All right, then... time to get to work. - Tekken 7
  • "Kaitō Kunimitsu sanjōdesu." Kunimitsu, thief, at your service. - Tekken 7
  • "Haha no na ni kakete..." On my mother's name... - Tekken 7
  • "Tekagen wa shimasen." You'll regret facing me. - Tekken 7
  • "Sono buki kyōmi arimasu." Interesting weapon you have there... (only against Alisa, Leroy, Master Raven, Negan, Noctis and Yoshimitsu) - Tekken 7
  • "Nusumi no go irainara, itsu demo uketsukemasu yo." If you need a thief, I'm your woman. - Tekken 7
  • "Buki wa itadaite ikimasu ne." I'll be taking your weapon. (only against Alisa, Leroy, Master Raven, Negan, Noctis and Yoshimitsu) - Tekken 7
  • Rin Pyoh Toh Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zai... Zen! - Tekken 7
  • "Angai kantandeshita ne." That was actually pretty easy. - Tekken 7
  • "Uttōshī desu ne." Not impressed. (Manji Annihilation activation) - Tekken 7
  • "Ikimasu! Moetsukinasai..." Ready? Ashes to ashes... (If Manji Annihilation hits) - Tekken 7

Forest Law[edit]

  • Take a seat, dad!

Marshall Law[edit]

  • Hwooah! (kiai) - Tekken to Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • Come and get some, I dare you! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7
  • I'm counting on you. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • I'll break your nose in! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7

Lars Alexandersson[edit]

  • "Ore wo tomerareru ka?" Think you can stop me? - Tekken 6
  • "Sukoshi wa dekisou da na." Looks like you know a thing or two.
  • "Chi. Tsugi kara tsugi e to!" Damn. One after another.
  • "Soko wo doke." Get out of the way.
  • "Jama ga haitta, atode gake naosu." Something's come up. I'll contact you later.
  • "Ā, kore de susume." Fine. Proceed as planned.
  • "Nigerareru to omou na." Don't think you can escape.
  • "Michi wo akete moraou ka." I think you should move out of the way.
  • "Sugu ni mukau." Alright. I'm on my way.
  • "Ryōkai, sugu ni mukau." Understood. I'm on my way.
  • "Kochira wa katazuita." I'm finished here.
  • "Fushō-sha ga deta, teateshitekure." We have injured. Send a medic.
  • "Ore-tachi wo tomerareru ka?" Think you can stop us? - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Nasake wa muyō da." No need to go easy on me. (or "Compassion isn't necessary.")
  • "Tayori ni shiteru ze." I'm counting on you.
  • "Saa, hajime yo." Okay, let's go.
  • "Nigeba wa nai. Akiramero!" There's nowhere to run. Give up! - Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign) onwards
  • "Kiero!" Get outta my sight! (kiai) - Tekken 6 and Tekken 7 (Rushing Current/Ark Blast/Lightning Entry/Close Thunder/Dynamite Shrinkage)
  • "Nokuto, ore wo tomerareru ka?" Think you can stop me, Noct? (if against Noctis)

Lee Chaolan / Violet[edit]

  • Come on.
  • "Ekuserento!" Excellent!
  • Amaku mite moratte wa komaru na. Translation: You shouldn't take me too lightly - Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 Literal translation: Don't get fooled by my good looks...
  • Tatakai wa motto ELEGANT na mono da, ha! Translation: You need to fight with more class. - Tekken 5 and 6 (Changed to "Fighting is elegance at its purest." in Tekken 7)
  • Mōyamero, kega suruzo! Translation: Give up, or you're gonna get hurt. - Tekken 5 and 6

Literal translation: Give up now, you'll get hurt!

  • Two fingers. - Lee's Tekken 5 ending
  • "Makasete kureta mae." Let me handle this. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Watashi ni fureru ka na?" Think you can touch me? - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Kakatte kita mae." Do your worst. - Tekken 7
  • "Tanoshima sete kureru nodarou?" You can do better than that, surely? - Tekken 7
  • "Mata seta ne." Been waiting long? Good. - Tekken 7
  • "Tare areru kana?" Think you can handle me? - Tekken 7 (Bloody Rose Activation)
  • "Kuraugaī! Owakareda. " Chew on this! We're done. - Tekken 7 (Bloody Rose On Hit; as Lee)
  • "Kuraugaī! Ekuserento!" Chew on this! Excellent! - Tekken 7 (Bloody Rose On Hit; as Violet)
  • "Tanoshima sete moratta yo." That was entertaining. - Tekken 7

Lei Wulong[edit]

  • Come on. - Tekken 4 onwards
    • This line is also said during Lei's Rage Art in Tekken 7.
  • Let's go. - Tekken 4
  • You're not good enough. - Tekken 4
  • Humph! - Tekken 4
  • Freeze! - Tekken 4
  • Oww... That's gonna leave a mark... - Tekken 5
  • The bag...Leave it here! - Tekken 6
  • You have the right to remain silent. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • I'm counting on you for backup. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Let's get this started then. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Anybody else want a piece? - Tekken 7
  • It's payback time. - Tekken 7 (Drunken Gods activation)

Leo Kliesen[edit]

  • "Entspann dich. Du schaffst es." Just relax. You can do it.
  • "Ich glückliche!" Lucky me!
  • "Mach dich bereit!" Get ready!
  • "Das war knapp." Phew. That was a close one.
  • No pattern, no form.
  • "Überlass das mir, Partner." Leave this one to me, partner. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Wir müssen aufpassen." Let's be careful.
  • "Du machst mir wirklich Angst..." You're seriously creeping me out... - Tekken 7

Leroy Smith[edit]

  • Weak! (Season Pass 3 Reveal Trailer/Hermit Stance Low Auto-Parry/Twin Dragon Gate Heavy Attack Parry/Lone Dragon's Rage)
  • Time to take out the trash.
  • So I got you to blame for all this? (against Heihachi)
  • This is gonna hurt. (during Palm Massacre activation)
  • You're done. (during Palm Massacre hits)
  • C'mon, Sugar!
  • You're goin' out with nothin' to show for it.

Lidia Sobieska[edit]

  • "Załatwię to jeszcze przed obiadem." This will be over before lunch.
  • "Walcz z honorem!" Fight with honor!
  • "Teraz!" Now! (White Whale)
  • "Osu!" (Bassai-Zuki/Honor Bow/Parched Valley/Trifecta)
  • "Mam cię!" Gotcha! (Veto)
  • "Gotowa!" Ready! (unused)
  • "Masz!" Take that! (Majority Rules/Evasive High Right Back Kick)
  • "Wszystko to robię dla swojego kraju." Everything I do, I do for my country. (Ki Crusher activation)
  • "No dobra!" This is it! (during Ki Crusher)
  • "Muszę wygrać w imieniu wszystkich Polaków. Osu!" I must win for the people of Poland. Osu!
  • "Dziękuję!" Thank you!
  • "Przesadziłam. Karetka już tu jedzie." I went too far. An ambulance is on its way.

Lili de Rochefort[edit]

Some of these quotes are spoken in French from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 onwards.

  • You surely don't believe. You can beat me? - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • My battles... are for my father. - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • This is a great place to fight, don't you think? - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • Sebastian, they say they're leaving already. - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • (sighs) Sebastian, can't you do better than this? - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • How long can you stand my attacks? - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • Please don't tell my father. - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • It's time for my afternoon tea. Farewell! - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • The moment of victory. I love it! - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • I can handle this alone. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Eh? Just who are you? - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Eh! Wake up! How dare you fall asleep in my presence! - Tekken 7
  • Give me all you've got. Not that you'll win... - Tekken 7

Lucky Chloe[edit]

  • "Aayuuredui?" Are you ready?
  • "Haaai, Raakkii Kuroe da yo!" Hi, I'm Lucky Chloe!
  • One, Two! (Left Twist L/Touchdown Rise)
  • Three! (Elbow Blaster/Spark Elbow Blaster)
  • Three, Four! (Right Twist L)
  • Five, Six! (Left Twist L again)
  • "One, Two, Three, Four! One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Yahoo!" (Season 3 idle stance)
  • "Fuinisshu!" Finish! (Backflip Combo)
  • "Raakkii!" Lucky! (C-Windmill, Air Tracks/Straight Paw, Power Backpaw)
  • "Hiau~igou!" Here we go! (Low Flair Shuffler Activation)
  • Teehee! (when Low Flair Shuffler hits, if no or less than 3 Just Frames are inputted; usable as a kiai for (BT) Hop/Touchdown Rise/Hip Taunt)
  • C-H-L-O-E, Lucky! (when Low Flair Shuffler hits, if less than 6 Just Frames are inputted)
  • C-H-L-O-E, finish! Ooh yay! (when Low Flair Shuffler hits, if all Just Frames are inputted)
    • Actual in-game subtitle: C-H-L-O-E, that's me! Yahoo!
  • "Yattane!" Cool!
  • "Oaite wa? Rakkīkuroedeshita!" Guess what? You just lost to Lucky Chloe!
  • "Shīyūnekusutotaimu! Gubbāi!" See you next time! Bye!

Master Raven[edit]

  • Commencing mission.
  • I hope your affairs are in order.
  • It's just business. Don't take it personally.
  • Can you handle this? Take that! (Dark Executioner activation)
  • Die! Mission Complete. (If Dark Executioner hits)
  • That imbecile needs to be retrained.
  • Hah, you're that Russian... (in Character Episode - against Dragunov)
  • What's the situation between G Corp and the Zaibatsu? (in Julia/Negan Release Trailer)

Michelle Chang[edit]

  • Don't forget about me!
  • Come and get it!
  • You have my thanks.

Miguel Caballero Rojo[edit]

  • "Eh... Si insistes." Agh... If you insist.
  • I've no time for you.
  • Don't take it personally.
  • "Yo me encargo de esto." I can handle this myself. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Me estáis empezando a fastidiar." You two are becoming a pain. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Te vas de gratis." That was too easy. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Haz que valga la pena." Make it worth my while. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Que suplicio. Vamos alla!" What a pain. Well, come on then! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Desgraciadamente para ti, hoy tengo un mal día." Unfortunately for you, I'm having a bad day.
  • Have you been read your last rights? (sic)
  • "¡Te odio a ti, y sólo a ti!" This hatred I bear is for you and you alone! (vs. Jin) (also in the Character Episode)
  • "Justo hoy tenía que confesarme..." And I just had confession...(sighs).
  • You should choose your fights more wisely.
  • "Sigue así y te acabarán matando." Keep it up and you'll get yourself killed.
  • I wish I could stay but I've got things to do.
  • "Qué pesado..." Man, what a hassle... - Tekken 7 (Blackout activation)
  • "Parece qué estas apunto de perder. ¡Apártate de mi vista!" You ready to lose? Get outta my way! - Tekken 7 (when Blackout hits)
  • "¡Eh! ¿Qué miras?" What're you looking at?! - Tekken 7

Miharu Hirano[edit]

  • Let's go! - Tekken 4
  • Oh, I'm tired. - Tekken 4
  • Uh-uh! No way, no how! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • W-what? Me?! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2


[wood knocking] Tekken 6

Negan Smith[edit]

  • I hope you got your shitting pants on.
  • Pissing our pants yet?
  • Who are you?
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  • Badass! (Death Scream/Agony)
  • Boom! (Justice Served/Side Swipe Smash/Full Swing/Ankle Hook)
  • Shit! (being lightly or mediumly hit)
  • Goddamn! (being heavily hit)
  • Feels good. Sounds good. (Face Grinder)
  • Holy smokes! (if Bad Break converts to Counter Hit Throw)
  • No exceptions! (No Exceptions)
  • Great! (The End/Malice Impact)
  • It's over. (It's Over/It's Over There/It's Overhead/Crowbar/Temporal Stab)
  • Not cool! (Secret Weapon/Blast Off/Walker Maker)
  • Punishment! (Intimidation Low Auto-Parry/Punishment)
  • Lights out! (Dirty Tactics/Executioner Rush/Execution)
  • Lucille, give me strength... Punishment! (Lights Out activation)
  • Oh, look at that. Taking it like a champ! (during Lights Out execution)
  • Oh, my goodness! (when Lights Out causes K.O./Supercharger)
  • Lucille is thirsty. She is a vampire bat!
  • Buddy, you still there?
  • Little pig, little pig! Let me in! (in Season Pass 2 Reveal Trailer)
  • Pissin' our pants yet? Boy, do I have a feeling we're getting close. You know the deal. What's about to happen is gonna be hard to watch. (in Gameplay Reveal Trailer)
  • Eenie... meenie... miney... moe... Catch... a tiger... by... his toe... if... he hollers... let him go. My mother... told me... to pick... the very... best... one... and you... are... it. You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, you're all going to be doing that. (in Gameplay Reveal Trailer)
  • Speed? You? You better be jokin' (response on Bob's "Speed and weight!" quote in Gameplay Reveal Trailer)
  • Shit! What the shit! (in Julia/Negan Release Trailer)
  • Don't ask me for shit! (in Julia/Negan Release Trailer) - also a reference to Katsuhiro Harada
  • You the developers? The ones that pull that shit, releasing characters one at a time? You're gonna put me in the next update, right, Harada? (in Julia/Negan Release Trailer)

Nina Williams[edit]

  • Come on baby, show me what you've got. - Tekken 4
  • Time to die! - Tekken 4
  • I don't play with amateurs. - Tekken 5
  • It was nothing... Good bye. - Tekken 5
  • Finished already...? Please. - Tekken 5
  • You must be joking. - Tekken 5
  • What a nuisance! - Tekken 5
  • Isn't it past your bed-time? - Tekken 5
  • Feel free to sit this one out. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • You've got a date with death! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Going somewhere? - Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign) and Tekken 7
  • This should be fun. - Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign) and Tekken 7
  • What's done is done. - Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign) and Tekken 7
  • Good bye. - Tekken 7
  • Step aside. - Tekken 7
  • Don't get the wrong idea. You'll never be my son. I couldn't care less about you. If anything, you're a thorn on my side... - Tekken 7 (to Steve)

Noctis Lucis Caelum[edit]

  • "Ichi kari itokku ka!" The hunt is on!
  • "Ōmono tsutte yarukara mattero yo!" Well, I'm off to go hook me a whopper!
  • "A kuso. I itokodattanoni." Ugh. Can't you see I'm busy here? Literal translation: "Ugh. A little busy here."
  • "Kore doko ni demo aru nda na." If I didn't know better, I'd say he's following me...
  • "Majū tte no wa koitsu ka?" So this is the beast? (if against Kuma) Literal translation: "Time to restrain this pup."
  • "Rāsu, nakigoto iu na yo." Keep it to yourself, Lars. (if against Lars) Literal translation: "Hey. Put your back together."
  • "Yōsha shi ne zo!" I'm going all out!
  • "Suki-hōdai yattenja ne ̄ zo!" Playtime's over! (during The Royal Arms activation) Literal translation: "I'm not gonna take anymore of this crap!"
  • "Kore de... OWARIDAAA! Yoyū!" And now... ...it's over! Easy! (on final hit of The Royal Arms) Literal translation: "And now... it's over! Hell Yeah!"
  • Piece of cake!
  • Hey, Prompto. Guess who just pulled a 5-star character. Sure, we can battle-but get ready to lose.
  • "Guradio, ī tsuriba mitsuketa n datte ......E? Iyayabe~endatte! Majide. sonde sa soko na kuchi kēshon ga honto sugē ī nda yo......" " Gladio! I just found the best fishing spot. ...What? No, I'm not overselling it. It's amazing!
  • "Igunisu, kyō no banmeshi nani? ......Yakiniku!? Usshi!" " Hey, Ignis! What's for dinner? Barbecue? Alright!
  • Kurae! (Warp/Thunder Impact)
  • "Kiero!" Begone! (Sword of The Father/Fire Blast)
  • Kutabare! (Rage Drive/Aerial Cannon/Blizzard Spike/Dragoon Impulse)
  • Moratta! (Flare Drive)
  • "Yameru!" Got you! (parry and ki charge)
  • "Yoyū!" Hell yeah!/Too easy! (Taunt/Dragoon Impulse)
  • Ora! (Just Frame Maelstrom/Royal Slash)
  • "Moairo!" Try this! (Shield Smash)
  • Sora! (Flare Drive/Blizzard Spike)
  • "Saigo da!" Last hit! (unused)
  • "Todo me!" All over! (Thunder Strike)
  • What was I thinking...? (being knocked out)

Ogre / True Ogre[edit]


  • [Various Animal Noises] - Tekken 6
  • (Where's Xiaoyu?) - Tekken 7
  • (This scent... Xiaoyu!) - Tekken 7

Paul Phoenix[edit]

  • Osu! (kiai) - Tekken 4
  • Gotcha! - Tekken 4
  • Nothing like a good workout! - Tekken 4
  • No pain, no gain! - Tekken 4
  • (To Marshall Law) Come on man pay the bill already "- Tekken 5"
  • I'm the toughest in the Universe! - Tekken 5
  • Damn it, you bastard Bear! - Tekken 5
  • Any time! Any place! Bring it on ya aliens! - Tekken 5
  • We're number one! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2


  • Heihachi Mishima... is dead. - Tekken 5
  • I cannot allow you to intefere. - Tekken 5
  • It's useless to resist. - Tekken 5
  • It's just business. Don't take it personally. - Tekken 5
  • Rin! Pyoh! Toh! Sha! Kai! Jin! Retsu! Zai! Zen! (Kuji-in) - Tekken 5
  • Resuming mission. - Tekken 5
  • I'll see you in hell. - Tekken 5
  • Target acquired. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • I won't be needing assistance. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2


  • Brilliant. She's already making friends. I'm so proud of her.
  • "Je serai votre adversaire." I shall be your adversary. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Une jeune fille ne se comporte pas de la sorte." This is no way for a young lady to behave. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Partez, si vous tenez à la vie." Surrender, if you value your life. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Je fais le vœu de vous protéger au mépris de ma vie." I vow to protect you with my life. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Shaheen - شاهين[edit]

All quotes are spoken in Arabic.

  • أتظن أنك تستطيع هزيمتي؟ ('a tadonnu 'annaka tastati'o hazimati)

Translation: Do you think you can defeat me?

  • أريد معرفة الحقيقة ('uridu ma'rifata l'haqiqa)

Translation: I demand to know the truth!

  • لا أريد إيذاءك لكن سأقاتلك إذا اضطررت (la 'urydu 'eyda'ak lakin sa'oqatiluka 'edad'tarart)

Translation: I do not want to hurt you, but I will fight if I must.

  • Air Twister activation: سأقضي عليك (sa 'aqdii 'alayk)

Translation: I will finish you off.

  • Air Twister hits: إنتهى أمرك ('intahaa 'amrok)

Translation: You're done for!

  • كان مقدرا لي أن أنتصر (kana moqaddaran li 'an 'antasir)

Translation: It was my destiny to win.

  • أنا لست سعيدا بهذا النصر ('ana lastu sa'iidan bi hada nnasr)

Translation: I take no joy in this victory...

  • لن أستسلم أبدا (lan 'astaslima 'abadan)

Translation: I will never give up.

Steve Fox[edit]

  • Ha! (kiai) - Tekken 5
  • Hey you. You wanna try me, guv? - Tekken 5
  • What a joke! - Tekken 4
  • Not even a work out! - Tekken 4
  • Don't let me down. - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • You will talk to me, even if I have to make you! - Tekken 7
  • Hey you, wanna try me guv? - Tekken 7

Wang Jinrei[edit]

  • Strength alone cannot win, young one. - Tekken 5
  • Oh well. - Tekken 5
  • Wow... You're hot! (to women) - Tekken 5
  • Woah... Today must be my lucky day. (against female opponents) - Tekken 5
  • All that talent... - Tekken 5
  • Xiaoyu... Is dinner ready yet? I'm starving. - Tekken 5
  • Power and strength are not the same thing. Until you realize that, you will never beat me. (said to Heihachi in an interlude) - Tekken 5
  • If it's a fight you want... - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Ling Xiaoyu[edit]

  • "Yukuyo!" Let's go! - Tekken 4
  • "Fu ~u, tsukare chatta." Oh, I'm tired. - Tekken 4
  • "Nanka tsuyo-sō." Looks like I'm in for a fight... - Tekken 5
  • Bye bye! - Tekken 5
  • "Bui!" Yeah! - Tekken 5
  • Ai-ya... - Tekken 5
  • "A ittattattattattattatta…" Owww... - Tekken 5
  • "Jā, tsuyoi ndakara!" I'm pretty strong, you know! - Tekken 5
  • "Aiya, katchata!" Oops, I won! - Tekken 5
  • Yoshi! Ikuyo! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7

Translation: Okay! I'm ready!

  • "Watashi ni makasete!" Leave it to me! - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • "Panda, iku wa yo!" Here I go, Panda! (with Panda) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Kakugo shinasai! - Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

Translation: Prepare yourself!

  • "Tadaji ~yasumanaiwayo." You're not getting off easy. - Tekken 7
  • "Ge ̄, chotto yabai kamo…" This is not good... - Tekken 7
  • "Namen na yo!" I'm stronger than I look! - Tekken 7 (only against Claudio - Character Episode)


  • [chanting]
  • "Honmatsu tentou!" (I miscalculated!) (when KO'd)
  • "Shikisoku zekuu." (Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.)
  • Retribution.
  • I'm so serious.
  • "Utsukushiki taisen-shadearu na." (What a beautiful opponent.)
  • Hissatsu! - Tekken 7 (Kage Runthrough/Kincho Stance/Shadow Cut)


  • Death becomes you.
  • This is a battle you won't walk away from!
  • Leave now if you value your life!
  • I warned you.
  • Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • I must hurry.
  • Your will isn't strong enough to change fate.
  • Leave now, and you may live.
  • Only I have the power to change fate.
  • I accept my fate, whatever it may be.
  • Kazuya Mishima is on the move. (Tekken 6 TGS Trailer)
  • This is your fate. - Tekken 7
  • Let's start this. - Tekken 7
  • Your fate is already decided. - Tekken 7
  • You possess the power to destroy the devil...! - Tekken 7 (against Claudio)
  • You wield the devil's power... I will destroy you! - Tekken 7 (against Kazuya, Kazumi or Jin)
  • Fate cannot be changed. - Tekken 7 (Azazel's Fate activation)
  • Calm down! - Tekken 7
  • What did I just do...? - Tekken 7

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