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Exquisite-khelpcenter.png This template contains one or more optional parameters: see the talk page for details.

This template employs some extremely complicated and esoteric features of template syntax. Please do not attempt to alter it unless you are certain that you understand the setup and are prepared to repair any consequent collateral damage if the results are unexpected. Any experiments should be conducted in the sandbox or your user space.


{{cite quran|#1|#2
 | end=
 | translator=
 | style=
 | expand=
 | quote=

Required Parameters[edit]

  • #1
  • integer representing the number of the chapter (this must be the first parameter)
  • #2
  • integer representing the verse number (this must be the second parameter)

Optional Parameters[edit]

  • end
  • last ayah number being cited
  • quote
  • the text of the quotation
  • translator
  • expand=no
  • does not prepend link with "Quran"
  • style
  • nosup to use non-superscript style
  • ref to use expanded form for citing as a reference (short form for style=nosup|expand=yes)


Example 1

{{cite quran|5|4|quote=quoted text}}

“quoted text”[Quran 5:4]

Example 2

{{cite quran|5|4|expand=no|quote=quoted text}}

“quoted text”[5:4]

Example 3

{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|quote=quoted text}}

“quoted text”[Quran 5:4-7]

Example 5

{{cite quran|5|4|translator=y|quote=quoted text}}

“quoted text”[Quran 5:4 (Yusuf Ali)]

Example 6

{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|translator=y|quote=quoted text}}

“quoted text”[Quran 5:4-7 (Pickthall)]

Example 8

{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|style=nosup|translator=p|quote=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4-7 (Translated by Pickthall). “quoted text”

Example 9

{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|style=nosup|translator=p}}

Quran 5:4-7 (Translated by Pickthall)

Example 10

{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|style=nosup}} OR
{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|style=ref}}

Quran 5:4-7
Quran 5:4-7

Example 11

{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|style=ref|quote=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4-7. “quoted text”

Example 12

{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|style=ref|translator=s|quote=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4-7 (Translated by Shakir). “quoted text”

Example 13

{{cite quran|5|4|end=7|style=ref|translator=a|quote=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4-7 (Translated by Asad). “quoted text”