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  Band     Nirvana  
  Members     Singer     Kurt Cobain  
  Guitarists     Kurt Cobain · Jason Everman · Pat Smear  
  Bassist     Krist Novoselic  
  Drummers     Aaron Burckhard · Dale Crover · Dave Foster · Chad Channing · Dan Peters · Dave Grohl  
  Studio albums     Bleach · Nevermind · In Utero  
  Extended plays     Blew · Hormoaning  
  Compilation albums     Incesticide · Nirvana · Sliver: The Best of the Box · Icon  
  Live albums     MTV Unplugged in New York · From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah · Live at Reading  
  Box sets     Singles · With the Lights Out · Nevermind: The Singles  
  Singles     "Love Buzz" · "Sliver" · "Smells Like Teen Spirit" · "Come As You Are" · "Lithium" · "In Bloom" · "Heart-Shaped Box" · "All Apologies"/"Rape Me" · "Pennyroyal Tea" · "About A
" · "You Know You're Right"  
  Promotional singles     "On A Plain" · "All Apologies" (Unplugged) · "The Man Who Sold The World" (Unplugged) · "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" (Unplugged) · "Lake Of Fire" · "Aneurysm" (live) · "Drain You" (live)  
  Split singles     "Candy/Molly's Lips" · "Here She Comes Now/Venus in Furs" · "Puss/Oh, The Guilt"  
  Other songs     "Do Re Mi" · "Dumb" · "I Hate Myself And Want To Die" · "Marigold" · "Negative Creep" · "Old Age" · "Polly" · "Sappy" · "Something In The Way"  
  Videos     Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! · MTV Unplugged in New York · Live at Reading · Live at the Paramount · Live and Loud  
  Books     Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana · Heavier Than Heaven · Journals · Letters to Kurt  
  Films and documentaries     1991: The Year Punk Broke · Teen Spirit: The Tribute to Kurt Cobain · Hype! · Kurt & Courtney · Last Days · Kurt Cobain: About a Son · Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck ·
  Soaked in Bleach