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Just a friendly reminder to use an edit summary when proposing deletion for an article. Edit summary usage is always good, but it is especially important that edit summaries are used when proposing deletion. The reason for this is that articles proposed for deletion that later have the {{prod}} tag removed should not be proposed for deletion again, but rather sent to Wikipedia:Articles for deletion. The only easy way to check if an article was previously proposed for deletion is to look at the edit history and the edit summaries people have left before. Thanks!

Usage: {{prod-summary}}. Remember to please subst: this template. Use this template to remind a user in a friendly way that they should use edit summaries when proposing deletion for an article.

Also, while patrolling proposed deletion, you may find the following helpful. When removing a {{prod}} tag, use

  • Template:deprod to give no specific explanation.
  • Template:deprod-reprod if the article was reprodded after being deprodded, or if the article was previously on AfD.
  • Template:deprod-m to leave an explanation of your choice. Your explanation may possible contain the information following:
    • Disagreement: you disagree that the article should be deleted.
    • Pointing out it is controversial: You think that the deletion would be controversial.
    • Switch to WQ:VFD: you think that deletion would be controversial, and have listed the article on Votes for deletion.
    • No article: the prod tag was not on an article.

Also, consider: