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Terkel in Trouble is a 2004 Danish computer animated adult-oriented musical dark comedy film. In the original Danish version, almost all the voices are done by stand-up comedian Anders Matthesen, who also wrote the original story – released on a CD. In the Norwegian version, all voices were performed by actor Aksel Hennie. For the UK version, multiple actors are used such as Bill Bailey and Toby Stephens. This is the first computer-animated film to be rated R and the only one to have that rating until Sausage Party released 12 years later.


  • Game over, fucking shitface!
  • Are you lame or something? I don't have the fucking energy to explain it. You never know when you need a good windpipe!
  • [about Gunnar, the new teacher] He was more than a little fucked up, wasn't he?

Uncle Stewart[edit]

  • Surprise motherfucker!
  • It's a joke. You can take it.


  • Leon: [only word he says] No.
  • Saki: Ey Sten, why are your sheets wet?
  • Caretaker: [after Doris has jumped out of a fourth story window] Thank god that fat cow didn't land on anyone!
  • Sigge: When I was looking through my uncle's music lexicon I stumbled upon a certain word I had never heard before "funky" what does it mean?


Priest: Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?
Leon: [looks up from his newspaper] No.
Audience: [groans]

Saki: Ey Torkel, what was it that you called fat Doris yesterday?
Terkel: Er... fat cow?
Saki: Oh right! Haha! Fucking awesome!

Terkel: My teacher got run over by a bus...
Terkel's Mom: Well, you've had a full week then!

Terkel's Mom: Terkel, you're not on the ramp are you?
Terkel: No, mum, I...
Terkel's Mom: Well if you are then come home this instant! You know wet wood spreads SARS!

[Terkel is on the phone, after Stewart's long song about all the children he has helped out, nearly crying]
Terkel: But can't I just get a little bit of help?
Stewart: That's right Terkel, that's just what you're going to say if your weenie suddenly catches on fire one day...
Terkel: But...
Stewart: ...So long, and tell your dad I'll drop in and crush his face in a few days.

Voice cast[edit]

Danish Version[edit]

  • Anders Matthesen as Terkel, Barry, Jason, Nigel, Saki, Johanna, Uncle Stewart, Leon, Justin, Osprey, and Fiona
  • Kim Matthesen as Sheila and Johanna

English Version (UK)[edit]

  • Bill Bailey as Barry Cremone, the narrator of the film and music teacher of Terkel's school
  • Ben Bishop as Jason, Terkel's best friend, Osprey, and Nigel & Saki, the two merciless "bully-boys" at Terkel's school
  • Olivia Colman as Sheila, Terkel's mum who is a chain smoker
  • Adrian Edmondson as Terkel, the main protagonist of the film
  • Helena Roman as Fiona, Terkel's sister, and Dumpy Doris, an overweight girl in Terkel's class who has a crush on Terkel
  • Toby Stephens as Justin, Terkel's psychotic new teacher who is the main antagonist of the film
  • Johnny Vegas as Uncle Stewart, Terkel's short-tempered, alcoholic and violent uncle
  • Tim Everett as Leon, Terkel's father, and Priest
  • Melaine Cooper as "Ho", Joanna, and Sally

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