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That's So Raven (2003-2007) is a television show about Raven Baxter, a teenage psychic that can see into the future. "So I have these occasional visions that may or may not come true." Raven and her family and friends always get involved into weird situations, struggling to stop the visions from coming true.

Out of Control (2003) S2 Ep1[edit]

[Inside Victor's new restaurant. Everyone is getting ready for opening night, Tanya testing microphone, after scatting]
Tanya: You know there's going to be live enteriment opening night.
[Raven confused]
Raven:What? Mom..[Grabs mic] PEOPLE! PEOPLE! PEOPLE!, listen up people. Okay? This place has to be cool because, as we all know, it is a reflection upon me! So the following things are uncool. Mom scatting - yeah, that's got to go.
[Victor laughs, Tonya glares and he stops]
Raven: Two, Dad's face on these flyers - gotta go. [bobs head]
Corey Baxter: [tossing a tomato up and down] Just say the word, Dad. [kisses tomato]
Raven: Three, Corey - gotta go. You know what? Actually, make Cory number one. So from the top...

[Corey throws the tomato at her]

Corey Baxter: It... slipped?
Raven: My foot is gonna slip.

[takes shoe off and chases him around the restaurant]

Raven: Come Here!

Raven: You guys! Major news! Devon Carter said that he's gonna try to make it to the grand opening. Do you know what this means?!?
Chelsea: Yeah, more work for us.
Raven: [giggles] Exactly! Chelsea, I'm gonna need a wardrobe conference and Eddie, I'm gonna need egg roll recipes.
Eddie: Ok, but, uh, what if we have other plans?
Raven: [snickers in disbelief] Plans that I don't know about? That is pretty hilarious! [bursts into laughter]

[Chelsea & Eddie join in, laughing nervously and annoyed]

Eddie: But seriously, Rae. We do have other plans.
Raven: [skeptically] What y'all doin'?

[simultaneously] :Chelsea: Surfing. :Eddie: We're bowling. [Raven glares suspiciously] [simultaneously] :Chelsea: Bowling. :Eddie: Surfing.

Eddie: Actually, we're bowling and surfing.
Chelsea: Ye-yeah, right! Right. We are blurfing...Yes...
Raven: Blurfing?
Chelsea: Mmhmm.
Eddie: Y-yeah, see, uh, see you, uh, you bowl on a surf board and it's cool except for, you know, the, uh, the board scratches the lanes 'cause they still workin' out the kinks and stuff like that...
Raven: So, umm, y'all can't help out 'cause you gotta blurf?
Chelsea: Yeah, Rae. Well, ya know, it's not us. We're in a league, sorry. Eddie, we better go.
Eddie: Yeah, let's get up out of here.

[Right after a vision of Eddie and Chelsea leaning into each other]

Raven: Well now i know what 'Blurfing' is!
Victor: What did you see?
Raven: It was a disaster. Eddie and Chelsea they looked like they were about [makes kissy face]...kiss.. [imitating kissy face]
Victor: So, why is that so bad?
Raven: Because dad, we have always been a threesome, if they become a twosome, then I become a onesome. Then if they break up we're gonna be three onesomes, which is definitely not as good as one threesome!
Victor: Rae, sometimes your visions aren't exactly what you think they are. Look, why don't you just ask Eddie and Chelsea straight up what's going on?
Raven: Yeah. I guess your right.

Raven: Hey! So, what's going on with you two? [Raven glares suspiciously]
Eddie & Chelsea: Nothing. [Innocently looking]
Raven: Oh? 'Cause, um, [sniffs and sucks teeth] lately it's kinda seemed like something.
Chelsea: Well, uh, sometimes nothing can seem like something... [trying to play it off]
Raven: And yet sometimes something can actually be 'something'.
Eddie: Unless it's nothing.
Raven: Nothing yet or nothing at all 'cause if it's nothing at all we can do it to-geth-er...
Eddie: Can't.
Raven: Why not?
Chelsea: Because if three people do nothing, then it actually becomes something.

[Eddie and Chelsea walk away leaving Raven confused and even more suspicious]

Don't Have a Cow (2003) S2 Ep2[edit]

Cory: C'mon, William.
William: For real?
Cory: Yeah! Just don't touch yourself.

Run Raven Run (2003) S3 Ep3[edit]

Raven: Sneaky boyfriend stealer!
Loca: What'd you say about Alana?
Raven: I said, schneaky schnoyliend schnealer. It means "don't hurt me" in German. Please.

Raven: (speaking with a Jersey accent as she works on fixing Alana's hair) As we say in Jersey, accidents happen.

Eddie: (about Loca) I think I got a new girlfriend and I'm scared.

Clothes Minded (2004) S2 Ep4[edit]

Raven: [inside air vent] Dead bug, dead bug! Live bug, live bug!

Raven: [Arm inside vent, wheel of cheese rolls away] It had to be a wheel of cheese!

Raven: crying while eating parmesan cheese One more bite.. and it's over!

Four's a Crowd (2004) S2 Ep5[edit]

[Raven screaches loudly after Devon say's 'Hey Rae']

Raven: See before it was just 'Hey', now it's 'Hey Rae'

Hearts and Minds (2004) S2 Ep6[edit]

Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind[edit]

Victor: You're grounded!
Cory: For how long?!
Victor: Two weeks! Or until rats talk!
Tanya: [voicing Lionel] Homie!

That's So Not Raven (2004) S2 Ep7[edit]

Raven: [reading her poem in class] "My Love For Shoes", by Raven Baxter. 'SO many shoes but only two feet... I wish I could buy every pair that I meet...' [has a vision that she is on a catwalk] Oh, that is so cool! [sees everybody watching her confusedly] ...that I'm still in school... feelin' like a fool... just gonna sit in my stool... well, actually it's a seat, but it rhymes with-- OK, poem's over.

Blue in the Face (2004) S2 Ep8[edit]

(After getting blasted with her science experiment(Chemials) and she and victor both have blue on their faces)

Raven: [to herself] Girl, you are so ready for that Blue Rain concert.
Victor: So am I!

Chelsea: Oh yeah, 'cause remember, Rae. 27 cats. Whoa. Meow!

Spa Day Afternoon (2004) S2 Ep9[edit]

Raven, Tanya and singer Myesha: [all in a spa, singing the trademark song of fictional singing diva Myesha] 'I'm just a simple girl with a private je-e-et... I got so much money and my friends are all in de-e-bt... I got a lot of diamonds on my hands and feet... but I'm still Myesha from up the street...'
Tanya: SHE'S STILL MYE-EEE-SHA-AAA!!! [awkward silence] Ain't that how it goes...?
Raven and Myesha: Yeah!

Leave it to Diva (2004) S2 Ep10[edit]

There Goes the Bride (2004) S2 Ep11[edit]

Radio Heads (2004) S2 Ep12[edit]

Raven: How many ping pong balls are in the jar?
Chelsea: [concentrates very hard] 237!
Raven: [looks at jar and finds answer is right, is amazed and scared] Chels, how'd you know that?
Chelsea: Isn't it obvious? [Raven and Eddie back away]

A Goat's Tale (2004) S2 Ep13[edit]

Raven: [talking about Gomez the goat] Oh, Chelsea's right, he doesn't look so good. What d'you thinks wrong with him, girl?
Chelsea: Maybe it was something he ate.
Raven: Well, he ate everything.
Eddie: What do we do?
Chelsea: Okay. Mr. and Mrs. B, I need you to call Dr. Calvin, he's the best vet in town. Tell him it's Chelsea, and we have a goat down. Rae, you get some blankets. Cory, I need an ice pack. Eddie, you get a baby bottle with warm milk,
[Raven, Eddie, Cory, and Raven's parents stare at Chelsea]
Chelsea: Yeah, I know, it's me, now MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, LET'S GO, LET'S GO!

He's Got the Power (2004) S2 Ep14[edit]

Raven: [making wig for 70s night] You know 'cause he ditched us. And all the girls are like, "Ooh Eddie, you so cute. Ooh Eddie, you so rich! Oooh Eddie, you so psychic! Oooh Eddie you got the prettiest little eyes!!" [starts messing up wig]

Raven: Now that is ridiculous. I mean, who would watch a show about a teen psychic? [looks at camera/audience and smiles]

You're Stone Cold Busted!

Skunk'd (2004) S2 Ep15[edit]

Chelsea: Rae isn't this a great spot
Raven: Wait a minute tree huggers, I ma coming...Whoo these boots were NOT made for walking

Raven: What is that smell?
Chelsea: Well Rae that would be fresh air
Raven: Well that has got ta go

[Raven sprays the whole camping area with air freshener]

Raven: Ohh yeah that's what I call fresh mountain pine

Chelsea: Didn't you notice any of the natural beauty on your ways up here?
Raven: You know what Chels? I actually did...
Chelsea: Oh well that's good!
Raven: There's was a beautiful rock that looked like a cell phone and on top of it girl was a little bird chirpping like a ringer chirp chirp.

Raven:I brought a tent in a tube.
[shakes tube]
Raven:Stand back people.
[Throws tube]
Raven:Now i wonder how u get it'back in the tube.

[At the high school rapping for senior citizens with Corey]

Eddie: Yo im hopping on my way to the crib my cellys blowing up my little mommys on the phone saying 'Pappi what's up?' Now somebody scream!
Old Woman: We don't know what your saying!

The Dating Shame (2004) S2 Ep16[edit]

Host guy: You ready to play?

Raven: Oh oh oh, I'm ready, but i aint playin'.

Chelsea: OH YEAH? well I'm playin', but I'm not ready.

The Road to Audition (2004) S2 Ep17[edit]

Emmett: Well, well, well. What have we here?
Raven: Emmett, the world's most annoying hall monitor.
Emmett: Hey! I didn't skip two grades to take any lip from the likes of you. What are you waiting for? Next time, it's detention! They fear me.

Raven: (while watching a video of Victor and Tanya dancing and Victor splits his pants) Oh! Looks like toast got burnt.

Chelsea: No one can find out that the new janitor is actually a talent scout from 'Undercover Superstar'!
Crowd: 'Undercover Superstar'?
Raven: Y'all didn't hear that, did you? Oh, but you did.
Eddie: You know what this means, every man for himself.
Chelsea: Or woman!

Eddie: Watch Eddie, as I hold it steady! I'm Undercover Superstar but y'all ain't ready!

The Lying Game (2004) S2 Ep19[edit]

Evil Raven: I'm melting! I'm melting! I'm melt- [stops and looks at Cory] This is all...YOUR FAULT!!

Evil Raven: How y'all doin?

Numb and Number (2004) S2 Ep20[edit]

Cory: [hiding under a table at the dentist's] I don't think I can! I don't think I can!

My Big Fat Pizza Party (2004) S2 Ep21[edit]

Biker: Back off, Granny!
Mildred: Who you callin' Granny, dirtball?

Raven: But dad?
Victor: No, there's nothing you can say, you both are fired!

Children: We want the clown!
Cory: No we don't!
Children: We want the clown!
Cory: No we don't!
Children: We want the clown!
Cory: No we don't!

Biker: Let's roll, boys!
Mildred: Let's roll, girls!
William: Let's roll, mommy!

Shake, Rattle, and Rae (2004) S2 Ep22[edit]